eaz chest locations

EAZ Chest Locations

Check out this map to learn about the EAZ chest locations so you can claim all of your rewards during Solstice of Heroes.

Solstice of Heroes’ main activity takes place in the European Aerial Zone (EAZ). This is a timed game mode that pits you and two other Guardians waves of Fallen, Hive, or Cabal enemies and tasks you with defeating as many minibosses as you can within the time limit. This number directly affects how many chests spawn after beating the final boss(es).

But, where do these chests spawn in the EAZ? It isn’t a small zone and you need to know the chest locations if you want to open all of the chests before the time expires.

European Aerial Zone Map

The EAZ itself is packed with tall buildings, dark alleyways, soaring rooftops, junked-out cars, and much, much more. It’s incredibly easy to get turned around or flat out lost while you’re trying to claim your rewards before getting the boot back to Orbit. There are also countless nooks and crannies where the chest can be tucked away out of sight.

Knowing where the chests spawn in the EAZ and whether they’re inside a building, outside, or on the rooftops will help you take the fastest route around the map. Trust me, there’s nothing worse than getting kicked to Orbit without claiming all the chests.

Reddit user u/Red_Dead_Hippo put together this amazing map and posted it to the Destiny subreddit. Not only does this map of the EAZ show all of the chest locations, but it also details where you can find the teleporters and labels each section of the map with its proper name. This will help narrow down your search when the Prismatic Taken spawns in during the run.

eaz map solstice of heroes

Don’t forget about the teleporters when you’re opening the chests at the end of a run. They’re a phenomenal way to get to chests on the other side of the map quickly.

Fastest Route to Open EAZ Chests

Since the chests spawn randomly throughout the EAZ there really isn’t a “fastest route” to take. Honestly, the smartest thing to do is either A) pick a direction and get moving, or B) wait to see where the rest of your fireteam goes and then go the opposite way. The last thing you want is have multiple people looking for chests in the same area.

This is how you end up leaving chests unopened.

One of the great Quality of Life updates that Solstice of Heroes received in 2021 is that the EAZ chests will be marked after you defeat the final boss. This is a huge improvement over previous years where we were literally playing hide and seek with the chests.

eaz marked chest locations

You’ll now know exactly how many chests are in each section of the city so you can plan your route accordingly. However, you should still have our EAZ map handy so you can quickly check if you need to go inside a building or not.


Making your way through the zone and opening up all of the EAZ chests before time expires is much easier if you have a map handy. This will help you and your fireteam coordinate who goes where so you can claim all of your rewards rather than leaving them on the table.

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