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How to Get the Gilded Dredgen Title in Season of the Splicers

Want to become a Gilded Dredgen this season? Check out the triumphs you need to complete to earn the new title.

Gilded titles have been reset with Season of the Splicer so it’s time to get back into the playlists and grind out the new triumphs to earn the Gilded Dredgen title. To gild your Dredgen title, you first need to have already earned the title itself. If you don’t have that already, you can check out our guide to becoming a Dredgen.

Guardians will need to complete a handful of triumphs in the Gambit playlist. Once they’ve done that, they’ll be able to show off their achievement with an orange variant of the title instead of the standard purple.

Without further ado, here are the 6 Triumphs you need to complete during Season of the Splicer to become a Gilded Dredgen.

gilded dredgen title triumph requirements

Triumphs to Get the Gilded Dredgen Title

You’ll only need to complete 6 triumphs during Season of the Splicer to earn the Gilded Dredgen title and the triumphs in question are below.

  • Gold Coins: Win 50 Gambit matches.
  • Good Company: Win 10 matches where you banked the most Motes across both teams, didn’t die, or dealt the most damage to all combat types.
  • Infamous: Complete 1x Infamy reset during Season of the Splicer.
  • Get Out: Defeat 5 Invaders in Gambit.
  • Death Heals Primeval: Defeat 25 Guardians as an Invader in Gambit.
  • Triggerhold: Get 100 final blows with a Fusion Rifle in Gambit.

The biggest hurdle most players will face this season is going to be winning 50 matches. Gambit is not in a great place right now so winning a match is basically a coin flip these days. Snowballing is a major issue that plagues every Gambit lobby. Getting, or being the victim of, a great first invasion can determine the outcome of a match within the first few minutes.

And a team that can coordinate DPS on the Primeval can melt it in less than 10 seconds with only 2 stacks of Envoy Blessings. You can, quite literally, do everything right and still lose the match because of a quick swing in momentum.

It’s rough, and that’s going to make getting those 50 wins a bit of a slog.

Defeating the invader / getting defeats as an invader might also prove to be a little problematic for some players, but let me give you a piece of advice. Be toxic. Use Xenophage, Truth, Eyes of Tomorrow, or Izanagi. Only invade with heavy and special ammo. Invade with a full super. Whip out every “dirty” trick in the book to get those defeats.

Use whatever, don’t apologize.

Everything else is pretty tame. The Gilden Dredgen triumphs really just require dedicating the time to grind them out. You should have no problem completing the rest of the triumphs on your way to 50 wins. Then you’ll be able to get your hands on the Gilded Dredgen title.


Becoming a Gilded Dredgen during Season of the Splicer doesn’t seem to be too difficult of a task.

If you’re planning on chasing the title this season, I highly recommend that you complete those triumphs in a fireteam. It’ll make getting the wins a lot easier and you’ll be able to divvy up certain roles amongst your teammates rather than hoping for the best in a public lobby.

If you don’t have a group to play with, be sure to hit up DestinyLFG,, the Bungie website, or find a clan on the Clan Recruitment forums. That’ll make getting those 50 wins a lot more palatable.

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