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Finding the Guardian Games Strike Playlist

This year's Guardian Games brings a brand-new, class-specific Strike to Destiny 2 to help players collect laurels. Not sure where it is? Here's where to find it!

Another year of Guardian Games is here and this year’s games are a little different than before.

Last year’s Guardian Games had us competing against each other for ability kills to get laurels to drop. As a huge quality of life improvement, Bungie created a dedicated game mode called the Guardian Games Strike Playlist.

Finding the Guardian Games Strike Playlist

Don’t rush over to the Vanguard section of the Director. Even though that’s where the other strike playlists are, you won’t find the Guardian Games variant there.

strike playlist directory

There’s nothing to see here!

The Guardian Games strike playlist is actually located in the Tower. To find it, simply open up the Director, select the Tower, and the playlist will be in the bottom right corner of the map. Queue up and you’ll be matched in a fireteam with two other members of your class.

So, if you’re playing a Titan like I am, you’ll be paired with two other Titans, Hunters with Hunters, and Warlocks with Warlocks.

guardian games strike playlist

This playlist has a recommended power of 1100 so you don’t have to worry about using your highest power level gear. And there aren’t any Champions either so you can use whatever build you prefer.

Something to keep in mind is that there are active modifiers in this playlist and what they are depends on how your class performed the day before.

guardian games strike playlist modifiers

Make sure you check them out before queueing up so you can change your build accordingly.

Why Should You Run the Guardian Games Strike Playlist?

Guardian Games is all about turning in medals to help your class win each day and to do that, you have to buy Cards with laurels. You can only hold a maximum of 500 laurels at a time. To see how many laurels you currently have, just hover over your Medal Case under the Quests tab.

guardian games medal case

If you’re running low on laurels, the Guardian Games strike playlist is the best place to go since you’ll be matched with two other members of your class. This means that every laurel that drops in that strike will be for your class and your class only. The reason why this is important is that when you pick up your own class’s laurels, you have a chance at collecting more laurels than were dropped.

So, if you run over 3 Titan laurels as a Titan, you may pick up 4 or 5 instead!

This makes refilling your laurels in this playlist a lot faster than others.


Now that you know where the Guardian Games strike playlist is, you can get out there and help your class come out on top! Be sure to take your time to pick up every laurel that drops (and possibly run a build that focuses on ability kills).

Stop by our Destiny 2 Guardian Games Guide for more information about this event!

Best of luck to everyone out there! (Even though we all know that hunters are going to win…)

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