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Guardian Games Triumphs and How to Complete Them

There's a brand new batch of Triumphs for players to chase after and new ways to complete them during this year's Guardian Games.

Guardian Games 2021 is here with a heaping helping of new Triumphs. Destiny players have until May 11th to complete these triumphs though many players will finish them in the first week or two. Bungie has made the Guardian Games Triumphs very player-friendly so you don’t have to worry about completing them before the event is over.

Where are the Guardian Games Triumphs?

To find the Guardian Games Triumphs, simply go to the Triumphs tab, select Season of the Chosen, and then select the Events tab. This year’s event has 14 triumphs for you to complete if you’re a completionist or just looking to max your Triumph score.

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Guardian Games Triumphs List

  • Consummate Competitor: Complete all Guardian Games Triumphs
  • Bronze Agent: Collect Bronze Medals
  • Hearty Laurels: Collect Laurels
  • Void-Class Point Scorer: Earn class points
  • Platinum Plated: Earn a Platinum Medal
  • Fight Card Strikes: Complete Strike Contender Cards while strikes are the Daily Focus
  • Fight Card Crucible: Complete Crucible Contender Cards while Crucible is the Daily focus
  • Fight Card Gambit: Complete Gambit Contender Cards while Gambit is the Daily focus
  • Catalyst Competitor: Complete the Heir Apparent catalyst quest
  • One Fell Strike: Defeat 50 combatants in a single strike
  • Crucible Competitor: Defeat 15 Guardians in Crucible matches
  • Extended Clipper: Defeat 100 combatants with Machine Guns
  • Word-Class Striker: Complete a strike in the class-specific strike playlist
  • Closing Competitor: Participate in the closing ceremony

Completing these triumphs before Guardian Games ends will net you some new Olympic-themed shaders and a handful of medals to turn in. If you don’t already have this event’s Machine Gun, you can unlock Heir Apparent by following its quest chain since it’s no longer tied to triumph completions.

Completing Guardian Games Triumphs

All of these triumphs are fairly straightforward and won’t require much grinding to complete. It definitely looks like they were designed to be completed while you’re playing the event as it’s intended as opposed to going out of your way to complete oddly specific criteria.

That being said, there are a few triumphs that might take some players a little bit of extra time and focus to knock out. Specifically, One Fell Strike, Crucible Contender, and Platinum Plated.

For One Fell Strike and Crucible Contender, my advice to you is don’t try to be an All-Star here. These triumphs require defeats, not final blows. All you need to do is tag the mobs in strikes or opposing team members in the Crucible before they die and you’ll get credit on these triumphs. That means using area of effect (AoE) weapons and abilities in strikes as well as sticking with your teammates and team firing in the crucible.

Playing conservative is in your best interest here. Staying alive and doing damage means everything on both of these Triumphs. Don’t take unnecessary risks and you’ll complete them in no time.

guardian games platinum card condition

For Platinum Plated, you can do Nightfalls on Adept difficulty (power level 1230) and get credit for the Platinum card. Platinum Cards can be completed faster by following the conditions listed in the description. On the card in the above image, you’ll get more progress for every final blow you get which will be amplified by how quickly your complete the Nightfall.

This will help you complete your Platinum Card in a single strike instead of having to run 2 or more Nightfalls.


This year’s Guardian Games Triumphs have been a definite improvement over last year’s. They’re fairly easy to complete and Bungie has done an excellent job of appropriately rewarding players for their time. Be sure to knock out the Fight Card triumphs as soon as you can since the focus is on a daily rotation. It’s entirely possible to not complete those triumphs if your schedule doesn’t match up with the rotation.

Fire up the Guardian Games strike playlist, collect those laurels, and start turning in medals.

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