how to get deathbringer's catalyst

How to Get Deathbringer’s Catalyst & What it Does

Season of the Splicers brings a new exotic catalyst for the Deathbringer rocket launcher. Learn how to pick up this catalyst and complete its requirements.

Season of the Splicers brings a new exotic catalyst for the Deathbringer rocket launcher. This unique weapon was added to Destiny 2 all the way back when Shadowkeep launched. Deathbringer’s catalyst helps solve an issue that many players had with the rocket launcher and should help this weapon get back into rotation for activities that need a strong add clearing weapon.

This guide will help you learn how to get Deathbringer’s catalyst and complete its requirements.

How to Get the Deathbringer Catalyst

There aren’t any hoops to jump through or hidden quest lines to pick up this catalyst. By all accounts, the Deathbringer Catalyst only drops from the end of Strikes. You’ll need to queue up into the Vanguard playlist and grind strikes until yours drops from the end of activity rewards.

I was lucky enough to get it after my first strike so, hopefully, RNGsus gifts his blessings upon you as well.

What does Deathbringer’s Catalyst do?

Like all catalysts, Deathbringer’s catalyst enables kill tracking and orb generation on multi-kills. Unlike other catalysts that grant additional secondary stats like increased handling, stability, or reload speed, this catalyst adds an additional perk to the Deathbringer rocket launcher called Dead Weight.

Dead Weight: Increases how quickly Dark Descent reaches its full potential. (

Deathbringer’s exotic perk has always been oddly worded so it might not be 100% clear what it or its catalyst does.

Deathbringer’s base perk is called Dark Descent, and Dark Descent makes it so that the further the void orbs from the rocket’s explosion fall, the more powerful their detonation is. So, to get the most out of every shot, you have to fire and detonate the rockets fairly high up so they reach their maximum damage potential before exploding close to your actual target.

Dead Weight makes it so your orbs reach their maximum damage potential faster. This shortens the amount of time needed so you can detonate the rockets closer to the ground. Shortening this distance improves the chances of the void orbs actually reaching one of your intended targets before they vacate the area.

How to Complete Deathbringer’s Catalyst Quickly

Exotic catalysts can take a lot of time to complete and Deathbringer’s is no different. You’re going to need roughly 300 kills or 100 multi-kills to check this box and, given the nature of the weapon and our activities, this can take a long, long time to complete.

However, there is an ideal farming spot that can help you finish this catalyst farm in roughly 10 minutes.

last wish wish 4

We’re headed to the Dreaming City. Specifically, the Shuro Chi boss fight in Last Wish.

If you’ve never done Last Wish before and you’re hesitant about farming here, there’s nothing to worry about. We’re only going to focus on killing the trash mobs and that’s it. Just think of it like a wave of thrall over at Sorrow’s Harbor on the Moon.

What makes this a prime farming area is that there ars roughly 100 enemies that spawn in close proximity to one another. That makes getting multi-kills with Deathbringer incredibly easy. And once you’ve killed all the Taken thralls, Knights, and Captain, just run back out the entrance and jump off the cliff to reset the encounter.

Before doing that, you’ll want to equip these Armor mods:

  • Rocket Launcher Finder (Helm): Increases your chances of finding heavy ammo if you have a rocket launcher equipped.
  • Rocket Launcher Loader (Gloves): Increases the reload speed of rocket launchers. (Multiple copies do stack, but with diminishing returns.)
  • Rocket Launcher Reserves (Chest): Increases the amount of rocket launcher ammo you can carry.
  • Rocket Launcher Scavenger (Boots): Rocket launchers get bonus reserves when you pick up ammo.

You’ll get roughly 1 – 3 extra power ammo drops with each drop giving you +2 rockets. This should keep you full of rocket launcher ammo until you need to reset the encounter.

So, the full process of farming Deathbringer’s Catalyst in Last Wish is to:

  1. Zone into Last Wish
  2. Make your way to the Wish Wall
  3. Input wish #4 into the Wish Wall
  4. Activate it to be teleported to the Shuro Chi encounter
  5. Pop a raid banner if you need it
  6. Then kill everything with Deathbringer
  7. Jump off the cliff outside
  8. Rinse, repeat until complete.

Using only Deathbringer, I was able to get about 19 – 21% on the catalyst per round using this method. This was, quite literally, the fastest exotic catalyst I’ve completed. I was in and out in under 10 minutes.

Your mileage may vary, but you can complete Deathbringer’s catalyst very quickly here.


The catalyst for Deathbringer does a great job of giving this rocket launcher a much-needed Quality of Life update. Bungie did a great job at making this catalyst fairly easy to get and complete.

TLDR: Farming the Deathbringer Catalyst

  1. Farm strikes in the strike playlist
  2. Get the catalyst
  3. Hop over to Last Wish
  4. Use Wish #4 to go to Shuro Chi
  5. Get multi-kills on trash mobs with Deathbringer
  6. Jump off the cliff once they’re all dead
  7. Rinse, repeat until complete

We hope you found this guide helpful and that RNG blesses your drop rates.

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