How to Get Heir Apparent During Guardian Games 2021

Heir Apparent is once again attainable after completing a brief quest chain during Guardian Games 2021. Check out what you need to do to get your hands on this exotic machine gun.

Guardian Games is back and so is Heir Apparent! Unlike last year’s incredibly long quest chain, Heir Apparent is much easier to get with a quick quest chain in 2021’s Guardian Games. This quest will be available for completion from 4/20 (blaze it) to 5/10 so be sure to get it before it’s gone for another year.

How to Get Heir Apparent

In this guide, we’ll be covering how you can get your hands on Heir Apparent during Guardian Games 2021 and how to do it quickly so you can start earning medals to help your class win Guardian Games.

Complete the Guardian Games Intro Quest

After first logging on, you’ll be prompted to go to Commander Zavala to join in on the Guardian Games. After a quick pep talk, he’ll give you a non-upgraded 1250 power level Guardian Games class item with 3 variations, one for each element type.

  • Go to Eva Levante
  • Pick up the quest The Games Begin
  • Put on your Guardian Games class item
  • Collect 100 laurels and buy a Contender Card (start with a Strike card)
  • The exotic quest Wreathed in Laurels should now be in her inventory. Accept it.

If you got Heir Apparent from last year’s Guardian Games, this quest will not be available to you. You’ll have to pull yours from the vault or from your Collections tab and infuse it if you want to spin it up.

Step #1: Collect 50 Laurels

The next step tasks you with picking up laurels. Since there’s no activity requirement, the fastest way to get 50 laurels would be by going to the Guardian Games strike playlist. You can always do this while you’re working on your Contender Card, but that could take a while if you picked up a Crucible or Gambit Contender Card instead of a Strike Card.

Step #2: Get 100 Machine Gun Kills

Before you head off to the Blind Well or the Altar of Sorrow to knock out these kills, you only get credit for them if you get them in the Daily Focus Playlist. The focus activity rotates daily between Strikes, Crucible, and Gambit so be sure to check out which one is the active list and queue up.

You can find that info in the Director or by visiting Eva Levante and looking at what seal is on the marble slabs that flank the medal podium.

Again, I definitely recommend that you wait for Strikes to be the daily focus since getting 100 kills with Heir Apparent, or any for that matter, in Crucible or Gambit is going to be a tall order due to the shortage of heavy ammo.

Quickest Way to Get 100 Kills with Heir Apparent

  • Wait for Strikes to be the daily focus
  • Equip machine gun finder & machine gun scavenger armor mods
  • Queue up for a strike
  • Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt
  • Profit

Step #3: Return to Eva Levante

After getting the 100 kills in the Daily Focus playlist, go back to Eva Levante and turn the quest in. You’ll receive the Heir Apparent and be able to start farming for its catalyst.

heir apparent exotic machine gun

Heir Apparent Exotic Machinegun

Exotic Perk: Heavy Slug Thrower – Pressing alt fire spins up this weapon. This weapon can be fired when fully spun up.

Secondary Exotic Perk: Armor of the Colossus – While at full health, spinning up this weapon protects you with an arc shield.

Heir Apparent is one of the few solar machine guns in the game. It’s also the most unique one too since you can’t aim down sights with it. It can only be hip-fired and that’s only possible after it’s been spun up.

It’s an absolute monster for clearing adds and the overshield gives a solid boost to your survivability.


Now that you’re the proud owning of Heir Apparent, don’t forget that Bungie also added the Heir Apparent catalyst and is currently attainable during this Guardian Games. Be sure that you get and complete it before 5/11. It’s unknown whether it’ll be added to the regular loot pool after the even is over so it’s better to be safe than sorry!

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