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How to Get Key Codes for Override in Destiny 2’s Season of the Splicer

Discover how to create Key Codes for Override so you can start collecting seasonal weapons and armor during Season of the Splicer.

Season of the Splicer brings a new seasonal activity to Destiny 2 called Override. At the end of this activity, there is a Conflux Chest that gives players an opportunity to get a seasonal weapon or piece of seasonal armor. However, don’t run Override just yet. This chest is locked and can only be opened with a specific consumable. If you plan on grinding this activity for god rolls, you’ll need a steady supply of Key Codes.

What are Key Codes?

Key Codes are one of the new currencies that was added to the game for Season of the Splicer. Their sole use is to open Conflux Chests at the end of Override.

When you defeat the final boss in Override, two chests will spawn near the entrance. The purple-ish one on the left is the regular chest that everyone can open. The green, Tron-like one on the right is the Conflux chest. Only players with a Key Code in their inventory are able to unlock this chest.

key code override conflux chest

How to Get Key Codes

Similar to the Hammer of Proving for Battlegrounds in Season of the Chosen, there is a corresponding Splicer Gauntlet for Override. And Key Codes are this season’s version of Hammer Charges. To create a Key Code with the Splicer Gauntlet, you’ll need to farm some Ether first.

Ether is considerably easier to earn than Cabal Gold was back in Season of the Chosen. You can earn either by defeating combatants or by completing playlist activities and public events. Each Key Code costs 50 Ether to create and you’re able to hold 3 Key Codes at a time without any upgrades.

While this may sound like a lot of Ether, it really isn’t. I have yet to find myself needing it and not having it.

key codes quest tab
Splicer Gauntlet with the Memory Expansion I upgrade.

Once you have 50 Ether, go to your Splicer Gauntlet under the Quests tab on the Director. Open up the Gauntlet and hover over the Key Codes drop down on the bottom left. Apply the Key Code to your Gauntlet and you’re ready to hop into Override. Now you can open up the Conflux Chest at the end of your next Override run.

key codes splicer gauntlet

How to Create a Key Code

  • Collect at least 50 Ether
  • Go to the Quests tab in the Director
  • Open up your Splicer Gauntlet
  • Hover over the Key Code selector
  • Apply the Key Code to your Gauntlet

To better improve this gameplay loop (Ether -> Key Code -> Override), I do recommend that you pick up the Memory Expansion I upgrade for your Splicer Gauntlet ASAP. This will bump your Ether cap by 50 and let you carry another Key Code. Then, you can max out your Ether, exchange it for Key Codes, and then run Override until you’re out of keys. Rinse, repeat, loot, profit.

Ether and Key Codes are the lifeblood of Season of the Splicer. Be sure that you don’t run short on either while you’re farming those new weapon and armor rolls in Override.

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