How to Get the Heir Apparent Catalyst

Guardian Games brings the Competitive Catalyst into the mix so your Heir Apparent can create orbs on multi-kills and get a third exotic perk.

It’s been a long, hard road, but Bungie finally released the Heir Apparent catalyst. That’s right, Guardian Games brings the Competitive Catalyst into the mix so your Heir Apparent can create orbs on multi-kills and get another exotic perk.

How to Get Heir Apparent’s Catalyst

Like most of the catalysts in the game, getting Heir Apparent’s catalyst relies on RNG and a little bit of luck. You’ll need to complete Gold Contender Cards or Platinum Cards to get it to drop. However, it isn’t a guaranteed drop. Turning in these medals gives you a chance to receive the catalyst as a reward.

On the bright side, you shouldn’t have to wait too long since there have been many reports from players of getting it in under 5 medal turn-ins. You’ll want to give yourself the best chances of getting it quickly so we recommend chaining Platinum Nightfall cards. You can finish them quickly by doing Adept Nightfalls (1230 power level without Champions) so you’ll get that catalyst in no time.

Fair warning, Nightfall cards are one of the most expensive cards available. They cost 200 laurels so you’ll need to farm some Guardian Games laurels and pick up as many laurels as you can so you can keep chaining those cards until the Competitive Catalyst drops. If you’re needing a quick boost, the Guardian Games strike playlist is always a great place to go.

Once you have the Heir Apparent catalyst, it’s time to start checking off those boxes.

Steps to Complete the Heir Apparent Catalyst

Unlike other exotic weapon catalysts, the catalyst for Heir Apparent is a little different. Instead of a single completion condition, the Competitive Catalyst has three.

Step #1: Earn Medal Points

The first step will task you with getting 50 medal points. These points are earned by turning in the medals you’ve earned from completing a contender card, activity, or a Guardian Games triumph and turning them in at the medal podium. Before you start queueing up to activities, you need to know how much each medal is worth so you don’t waste a ton of time.

How many points are Guardian Games Medals worth?

  • Bronze medal: 1 point
  • Silver medal: 2 points
  • Gold medal: 5 points
  • Platinum medal: 15 points

This step is actually much easier than it sounds. That point total sure sounds like a lot if you’re thinking about farming bronze or silver medals. However, you can knock this out with 4x Platinum Card Nightfall runs. The Adept Nightfall is barely more difficult than a regular strike and matchmaking is enabled so you don’t have to worry about forming a fireteam to farm the cards.

Get in there, earn those points, and move onto the next step.

guardian games platinum cards

Step #2: Complete 3 Contender Cards

This step is basically an extension of step #1. You’re definitely familiar with how contender cards work so keep completing cards. What card they are doesn’t matter so you can choose whatever you want. We still recommend doing Platinum Cards on repeat if you’re able to keep up with the cost.

Step #3: Collect 90 Competitive Spirit

The third and final step has you collecting 90 competitive spirit. This is a unique currency that only drops when you defeat enemies with a machine gun in the day’s Focus Playlist. You aren’t required to use a specific weapon so feel free to break out your favorite machine gun before queueing up. Be sure to double-check what the daily focus playlist is so you don’t go into the wrong activity on a wrong day.

We do recommend that you wait until Strikes are the daily focus since heavy ammo is unpredictable in both Gambit and the Crucible. You can go an entire match without getting a single brick and that’s just a waste of your time.

Wait for strikes, slap on some machine gun scavenger & collector mods, and have heavy bricks raining from the sky just begging to be used.

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The Heir Apparent Catalyst

Once you’ve got your 90 competitive spirit, you’ll be awarded the Heir Apparent catalyst and you can activate it on your machine gun. This will give Heir Apparent a third exotic perk called Legion’s Bulwark.

  • Legion’s Bulwark: Boosts the power of the arc shield from Armor of the Colossus and partially reloads the magazine if the shield is destroyed.

Equipping the catalyst will also allow you to generate Orbs of Power on multikills with Heir Apparent.

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