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How to Get the Null Composure Fusion Rifle in Season of the Splicer

Learn how to get the Null Composure fusion rifle in Season of the Splicers and which mods you need to use to get the most out of this weapon.

Season of the Splicers is here and that means we have a new Pinnacle, Pursuit, Ritual…premier weapon to chase called Null Composure. You can get this fusion rifle starting today by picking up a quest over at the Gunsmith.

If this weapon is looking a bit familiar, that’s because it’s Loaded Question 2.0.

If you’ve spent any amount of time on Reddit or the forums, you’ve probably read about how amazing Loaded Question was before it was Sunset. That’s because it was amazing and Null Composure is the new and improved version of it.

But what makes Null Composure special? The Reservoir Burst weapon perk. This is a unique weapon perk that can only be found on fusion rifles like Loaded Question and Null Composure. ( confirms that.)

reservoir burst weapon perk destiny 2

Reservoir Burst: When the Battery is Full, your next burst deals additional damage and causes enemies to explode on death.

This weapon perk essentially gives your fusion rifle a better version of Dragonfly…that can proc off of multiple targets.

You also have 2 choices of weapon perks in the third column with Feeding Frenzy and Heating Up.

  • Feeding Frenzy: Each rapid kill with this weapon progressively increases reload speed for a short time.
  • Heating Up: Final blows with this weapon increase the accuracy and stability while improving vertical recoil.

You’ll want to use Feeding Frenzy and pair it with Reservoir Burst so the multi-kills with the latter will go towards your reload speed with the former. Pair that with a fusion rifle reload mod and it basically gives your fusion rifle Outlaw too.

a sacred fusion quest destiny 2

How to Get Null Composure

  1. Go to the Gunsmith
  2. Accept the A Sacred Fusion quest
  3. Defeat targets in the Crucible, Gambit, or strike playlists. Earn bonus progress for defeating targets with fusion rifles, disintegrations, or Solar damage.
  4. Complete ‘x’ number of Strikes or Crucible / Gambit matches.
  5. Earn additional progress when you have a Stasis subclass equipped.
  6. Once complete, return to Banshee-44 in the Tower to collect Null Composure.

Important side note: it appears that using a Stasis subclass not only earns more progress for your point total, but also for your total activity completions. More on that below.

Fastest Way to get Points for the Null Composure Quest

There’s always an optimal way to do these pinnacle weapon quests.

The fastest way to complete the points portion of the Null Composure quest is to put together a fireteam and to queue into the Vanguard Strike playlist until you get The Corrupted. Once you’re in, you can max out your points while running Blind Well over and over.

Why not do that while you’re chaining your chosen core activity?

Two reasons. First, you’re going to be competing with the other members of your team for those kills. That’s going to slow down your progress. Second, it’s going to take a lot of activity completions to unlock Null Composure.

Fastest Way to do the Activity Completions for Null Composure

There’s a pretty steep time gate on finishing this quest for Null Composure.

Completing a strike will only give you 3% towards the activity completion total. That will bump up to 4% if you equip a stasis subclass. So, if you’re looking to just grind strikes, you’ll have to do anywhere between 25 to 33 strikes to complete the activity portion of this quest.

That’s a significant chunk of time that not everyone can do in one sitting.

However, winning a Gambit match while using a Stasis subclass will give you 5% towards the activity total. This makes Gambit the fastest way to do your activity completions. This drops the number of activity completions down to 20!

So, the fastest way to get your Null Composure is to do the:

  • Points portion at the Blind Well in The Corrupted Strike.
  • Activity completions in Gambit with a coordinated fireteam.


Loaded Question was beloved for a reason and we have a good feeling that Null Composure will see a lot of use. If you want to get the most out of this fusion rifle, we definitely recommend pairing it with the armor mods below.

  • Fusion Rifle Finder (Helm): Increases your chances of finding special ammo if you have a fusion rifle equipped.
  • Fusion Rifle Loader (Gloves): Increases the reload speed of fusion rifles. (Multiple copies do stack with diminishing returns.)
  • Fusion Rifle Reserves (Chest): Increases the amount of fusion rifle ammo you can carry.
  • Fusion Rifle Scavenger (Boots): Fusion rifles get bonus reserves when you pick up ammo.

Slotting these mods into your armor will create a build that has great synergy with fusion rifles and basically turn Null Composure into a primary weapon.

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