legend & master lost sector schedule

Legend & Master Lost Sector Schedule & Rotation

Learn about the Legend & Master lost sector schedule so you can know when the exotic you're chasing is up in the rotation.

Legend & Master Lost Sectors have been an amazing addition to Destiny 2 that let Guardians farm specific pieces of exotic armor. However, players can’t farm whatever they want all of the time. They’ll need to keep track of the lost sector schedule so they’ll know when the armor piece they’re looking for comes up in the rotation.

Below are the Legend & Master Lost Sector schedule for the next few months. I didn’t go too far ahead since I have a sneaking suspicion that the rotation will change once Bungie’s 30th Anniversary event goes live. Mainly because that’s when we would normally start a new season if we were following the usual seasonal model. Bungie has also said that they plan on a mid-season refresh (I need to find the tweet) which would fall just around the time of the Anniversary event.

Regardless, we’ll keep the following lost sector schedules updated as we get closer to the end and if any new info is released.

Legend Lost Sector Schedule & Rotation

Below is a complete schedule for the Legend Lost Sector rotation and what type of exotic armor you can expect to drop from the final chest.

DateDifficultyLost SectorPlanetExoticShields
9/26/21LegendBay of Drowned WishesDreaming CityHeadVoid
9/27/21LegendChamber of StarlightDreaming CityLegsSolar & Void
9/28/21LegendAphelion’s RestDreaming CityArmsVoid
9/29/21LegendThe Empty TankDreaming CityChestArc
9/30/21LegendK1 LogisticsMoonHeadArc & Solar
10/1/21LegendK1 CommunionMoonLegsSolar & Void
10/2/21LegendK1 RevelationMoonChestArc
10/3/21LegendK1 Crew QuartersMoonArmsSolar
10/4/21LegendConcealed VoidEuropaHeadArc, Solar, & Void
10/5/21LegendBunker E15EuropaLegsVoid
10/6/21LegendPerditionMoonChestArc & Void
10/7/21LegendBay of Drowned WishesDreaming CityHeadVoid
10/8/21LegendChamber of StarlightDreaming CityLegsSolar & Void
10/9/21LegendAphelion’s RestDreaming CityArmsVoid
10/10/21LegendThe Empty TankDreaming CityChestArc
10/11/21LegendK1 LogisticsMoonHeadArc & Solar
10/12/21LegendK1 CommunionMoonLegsSolar & Void
10/13/21LegendK1 RevelationMoonChestArc
10/14/21LegendK1 Crew QuartersMoonArmsSolar
10/15/21LegendConcealed VoidEuropaHeadArc, Solar, & Void
10/16/21LegendBunker E15EuropaLegsVoid
10/17/21LegendPerditionMoonChestArc & Void
10/18/21LegendBay of Drowned WishesDreaming CityHeadVoid
10/19/21LegendChamber of StarlightDreaming CityLegsSolar & Void
10/20/21LegendAphelion’s RestDreaming CityArmsVoid
10/21/21LegendThe Empty TankDreaming CityChestArc
10/22/21LegendK1 LogisticsMoonHeadArc & Solar
10/23/21LegendK1 CommunionMoonLegsSolar & Void
10/24/21LegendK1 RevelationMoonChestArc
10/25/21LegendK1 Crew QuartersMoonArmsSolar
10/26/21LegendConcealed VoidEuropaHeadArc, Solar, & Void
10/27/21LegendBunker E15EuropaLegsVoid
10/28/21LegendPerditionMoonChestArc & Void
10/29/21LegendBay of Drowned WishesDreaming CityHeadVoid
10/30/21LegendChamber of StarlightDreaming CityLegsSolar & Void
10/31/21LegendAphelion’s RestDreaming CityArmsVoid
11/1/21LegendThe Empty TankDreaming CityChestArc
11/2/21LegendK1 LogisticsMoonHeadArc & Solar
11/3/21LegendK1 CommunionMoonLegsSolar & Void
11/4/21LegendK1 RevelationMoonChestArc
11/5/21LegendK1 Crew QuartersMoonArmsSolar
11/6/21LegendConcealed VoidEuropaHeadArc, Solar, & Void
11/7/21LegendBunker E15EuropaLegsVoid
11/8/21LegendPerditionMoonChestArc & Void

Master Lost Sector Schedule & Rotation

Master Lost Sectors have a recommended power of 1350 and the Extra Champions modifier. They’ll also have an additional modifier to crank up the difficulty level to make them more challenging even if you’re at the correct Power Level.

DateDifficultyLost SectorPlanetExoticShields
9/26/21MasterPerditionMoonChestArc & Void
9/27/21MasterBay of Drowned WishesDreaming CityHeadVoid
9/28/21MasterChamber of StarlightDreaming CityLegsSolar & Void
9/29/21MasterAphelion’s RestDreaming CityArmsVoid
9/30/21MasterThe Empty TankDreaming CityChestArc
10/1/21MasterK1 LogisticsMoonHeadArc & Solar
10/2/21MasterK1 CommunionMoonLegsSolar & Void
10/3/21MasterK1 RevelationMoonChestArc
10/4/21MasterK1 Crew QuartersMoonArmsSolar
10/5/21MasterConcealed VoidEuropaHeadArc, Solar, & Void
10/6/21MasterBunker E15EuropaLegsVoid
10/7/21MasterPerditionMoonChestArc & Void
10/8/21MasterBay of Drowned WishesDreaming CityHeadVoid
10/9/21MasterChamber of StarlightDreaming CityLegsSolar & Void
10/10/21MasterAphelion’s RestDreaming CityArmsVoid
10/11/21MasterThe Empty TankDreaming CityChestArc
10/12/21MasterK1 LogisticsMoonHeadArc & Solar
10/13/21MasterK1 CommunionMoonLegsSolar & Void
10/14/21MasterK1 RevelationMoonChestArc
10/15/21MasterK1 Crew QuartersMoonArmsSolar
10/16/21MasterConcealed VoidEuropaHeadArc, Solar, & Void
10/17/21MasterBunker E15EuropaLegsVoid
10/18/21MasterPerditionMoonChestArc & Void
10/19/21MasterBay of Drowned WishesDreaming CityHeadVoid
10/20/21MasterChamber of StarlightDreaming CityLegsSolar & Void
10/21/21MasterAphelion’s RestDreaming CityArmsVoid
10/22/21MasterThe Empty TankDreaming CityChestArc
10/23/21MasterK1 LogisticsMoonHeadArc & Solar
10/24/21MasterK1 CommunionMoonLegsSolar & Void
10/25/21MasterK1 RevelationMoonChestArc
10/26/21MasterK1 Crew QuartersMoonArmsSolar
10/27/21MasterConcealed VoidEuropaHeadArc, Solar, & Void
10/28/21MasterBunker E15EuropaLegsVoid
10/29/21MasterPerditionMoonChestArc & Void
10/30/21MasterBay of Drowned WishesDreaming CityHeadVoid
10/31/21MasterChamber of StarlightDreaming CityLegsSolar & Void
11/1/21MasterAphelion’s RestDreaming CityArmsVoid
11/2/21MasterThe Empty TankDreaming CityChestArc
11/3/21MasterK1 LogisticsMoonHeadArc & Solar
11/4/21MasterK1 CommunionMoonLegsSolar & Void
11/5/21MasterK1 RevelationMoonChestArc
11/6/21MasterK1 Crew QuartersMoonArmsSolar
11/7/21MasterConcealed VoidEuropaHeadArc, Solar, & Void
11/8/21MasterBunker E15EuropaLegsVoid
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