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How to Get the Catalyst for Lorentz Driver

Learn everything you need to know about how to unlock the catalyst for Lorentz Driver, the seasonal weapon for Season of the Lost.

Lorentz Driver is the seasonal exotic weapon for Season of the Lost and Guardians will be able to complete an exotic quest to unlock its catalyst. This linear fusion rifle is probably one of the more unique and versatile exotic weapons that we’ve gotten in some time. Even if you haven’t been a fan of linear fusions in the past, I guarantee that it’s worth your time. Especially with all of the artifact mods we have access to this season.

I’ll cover everything you need to know about how to get this weapon and complete the quest for Lorentz Driver’s exotic catalyst.

How to Get Lorentz Driver

If you’ve purchased the Season Pass for Season of the Lost, this weapon is automatically available to you from the get-go. Just open up your season pass, look at the first rank, and claim your Lorentz Driver. If you’re reading this after Season 15 has ended, you’ll need to buy Lorentz Driver from the Exotic Kiosk in the tower using an exotic cipher.

how to get lorentz driver

This linear fusion rifle has a unique exotic perk that we haven’t seen before in Destiny 2.

EM Anomaly: This weapon marks targets with an automated targeting system. Final blows on marked targets generate a telemetry pattern. Picking up telemetry patterns grants bonus ability energy. Collecting 3 telemetry patterns without dying grants this weapon bonus damage for a long duration.

lagrangian sight buff duration lorentz driver

The buff in question is called Lagrangian Sight. It lasts for 30 seconds and buffs the damage done by Lorentz Driver by 50%. And something that’s worth pointing out is that picking up another telemetry will refresh this buff to its full duration if you collect it while the buff is still active.

This makes Lorentz Driver an exceptionally strong weapon for add clear and boss DPS if you can damage the boss while you have the buff.

Lorentz Driver Exotic Catalyst

Jump Driver: Lorentz Driver gains an enhanced radar. Additionally, while this weapon has 3 telemetry patterns, EM Anomaly detonations no longer require a precision final blow.

You can tell how many telemetries you’ve collected by looking just beneath the barrel of the weapon. Your telemetries will be hanging off a wire running under it.

lorentz driver telemetry counter

To claim the exotic catalyst for Lorentz Driver, you’ll need to complete the Revision 7.2.2. quest.

Revision 7.2.2. Quest

The Revision 7.2.2. quest will kick off the questline that will let you earn the exotic catalyst for Lorentz Driver. In order to pick up both this quest, you’ll need to have either purchased the Season Pass during Season of the Lost or bought it from the exotic kiosk in the Tower if Season 15 is over.

One thing that’ll help make getting Lorentz Driver’s catalyst a lot easier is if you get your Season Pass to Rank 22 to activate the Catalyst Quest Boost Omega bonus. This quadruples objective progression earned within the Season Pass Exotic weapon catalyst quest. Meaning that for every combatant you defeat, you’re getting credit for 4x combatants instead of just one. This is incredibly important and you’ll find out why shortly.

catalyst quest boost omega

Pick up the Quest at the Gunsmith

After purchasing the Season Pass or picking up Lorentz Driver from the kiosk, you’ll be notified that you have an exotic quest waiting for you in the tower. Open up the Director, select The Tower, and transmat there. The Revision 7.2.2. quest can be picked up by going to speak with Banshee-44, the Gunsmith. His stall is directly behind the Vault Terminals off to the right of where you spawn into the Tower. Speak to him and accept up the quest.

lorentz driver catalyst quest step 1

Step #1: Defeat combatants, Guardians, and HVTs

Like most quests for the seasonal exotic catalyst, you’ll be tasked with completing both PvE and PvP objectives and this one is no different.

  • 50x Challenging Combatants Defeated
  • 50x Guardians Defeated
  • 15x Champions or High-Value Targets Defeated

You can complete this step without doing anything. Literally. Each requirement is listed as “defeats” which means that you just have to be present to get credit. As long as someone on your Fireteam is using Lorentz Driver and getting defeats, you’ll make progress on these requirements too.

However, the best way to wrap up quickly is to take your Lorentz Driver into the Nightfall while you’re doing your weekly Pinnacle. Be sure to set the difficulty to Hero or higher so you can make progress on the challenging combatants and Champion portions of this step at the same time. Just be sure to also equip the Unstoppable Fusion and Particle Deconstructor mods to get even more utility out of this weapon.

I do recommend that you use your Lorentz Driver on this quest step just so you get used to how the weapon handles and feels before the next step. It’ll make that step much easier if you’re comfortable with the weapon.

lorentz driver catalyst quest step 2

Step #2:

Once you complete the previous step, you’ll automatically progress to the next one. While there is a big jump in the things you need to do on this quest step, but it looks more intimidating than it actually is.

  • 200x Calibration Data Generated
  • 50x Guardians Defeated
  • 100x Combatants Defeated

Now, even though it says defeats, it actually means final blows so you’ll need to break out and use Lorentz Driver to complete this step. It actually doesn’t take that long. You can knock out the Calibration Data doing Nightfall Ordeals for your weekly pinnacle and you can stop by the Moon to do a couple of quick waves of the Altars of Sorrow public event.

The biggest sticking point here is going to be the final blows on Guardians. Linear fusion rifles aren’t the easiest thing to use in the Crucible, especially with the current sandbox and map design. Lucky for us, Lorentz Driver uses special ammo so you

If you’re not comfortable with linear fusion rifles in PvP, I strongly recommend that you wait until Momentum Control is the featured playlist. You’ll be able to one shot body your opponents so you don’t have to land precision shots to secure the bag. You’ll also be able to make some progress on the Seasonal Challenge to defeat Guardians in Momentum Control.

And remember the exotic catalyst progression buff in your Season Pass? This is why it’s important. Instead of having to get final blows on 50x Guardians, you’ll only need 13x to complete this step of the quest chain. This makes a world of difference for Guardians that don’t step into the Crucible all that often.

Step #3: Return to Banshee-44

Once you’ve completed the requirements for the previous step, you can head back to the Gunsmith in the tower and Banshee will give you the exotic catalyst. You can apply it to the weapon and activate the Jump Driver exotic perk.

With Season 15’s artifact, the Wayfinder’s Compass, featuring fusion rifles and linear fusion rifles, there’s never been a better time to use these weapons in both your daily activities and in end-game content.

The exotic catalyst for Lorentz Driver shores up the biggest weakness that linear fusion rifles have and makes the weapon a bit more forgiving. It gives those accidental or ill-timed body shots some utility when you have 3x telemetries. You should definitely make an effort to complete the catalyst before Season of the Lost ends even if you don’t care for the exotic or linear fusion rifles. You won’t be able to take advantage of the 4x progress once the season ends and it’ll make completing the catalyst that much more difficult.

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