new iron banner weapons season of the splicer

New Iron Banner Weapons for Season of the Splicer

Season of the Splicer brings 4 new Iron Banner weapons to the game mode. Learn which ones made the cut and how to earn them.

Season of the Splicer’s first Iron Banner is here and with it comes 4 new Iron Banner weapons. This batch of weapons is definitely the largest amount we’ve had added to the activity in some time and gives a lot of Guardians who have given up on Iron Banner for being stale a reason to queue up again. What are these new Iron Banner weapons and are they any good? Let’s find out.

New Iron Banner Weapons

There are 4 new weapons to chase in Iron Banner during Season of the Splicer. Two weapons are reissued, Finite Impactor & Occluded Finality, and the other two are brand new, Riiswalker and Archon’s Thunder.

Quick disclaimer, Bungie tweeted that Riiswalker and Archon’s Thunder are only attainable through the Iron-Handed Diplomacy quest rewards. These weapons are not currently in the Iron Banner engram so you can’t farm rolls for those two weapons right now. If you want to farm a god roll for them, hold onto those Iron Banner tokens so you can use them once this issue is resolved.

finite impactor iron banner hand cannon

Finite Impactor

Finite Impactor is a reissued 140 rpm, adaptive frame hand cannon that deals arc damage. This hand cannon handles very similarly to Palindrome and Waking Vigil as they’re all in the same archetype. However, Finite Impactor differs in that it has a low base range stat. (Weapon accuracy is heavily tied to the range stat.)

This makes it imperative that it rolls with perks that increase your weapon’s range like ricochet rounds or high caliber rounds.

You can check out the different roll combinations for Finite Impactor over at, but you’ll definitely want to chase one with Fastdraw HCS / Steadyhand HCS, ricochet rounds, heating up / killing wind, and Iron Reach with a range masterwork. This is the Finite Impactor god roll you want to get your hands on since it has a low base range stat compared to other hand cannons.

Since this hand cannon does in the energy slot, you’ll want to pair it with a kinetic special weapon like Bastion, Toil and Trouble,

occluded finality iron banner sniper rifle

Occluded Finality

Occluded Finality is a 72 rpm, high-impact sniper rifle that goes in the energy slot and deals arc damage. Since it’s an aggressive frame sniper rifle, it can 1 shot headshot most supers which makes this a highly sought-after weapon for PvP. It’s also possible to farm rolls during Iron Banner since you can redeem Iron Banner tokens to open Iron Banner engrams. If you don’t already have a great roll on a Frozen Orbit, Occluded Finality is the next best thing.

In terms of the god roll for Occluded Finality, you definitely want to get Corkscrew Rifling, Ricochet Rounds, Snap Shot, and Opening shot with a handling masterwork. This will make it snappier and more accurate so you can land those headshots more reliably.

The only drawback is that it doesn’t have a short zoom scope. That can take some time to get used to since you’re using what feels like an interstellar telescope to aim. However, even with the long scope, Occluded Finality is still one of the top sniper rifles that you need to be using in the Crucible.

riiswalker iron banner shotgun


Riiswalker is the new lightweight shotgun that is equipped in the kinetic slot. The lightweight frame gives you a +6.25% boost to your sprint speed and +20 mobility while you’re using that weapon. (source) If you’re like running high mobility builds, Riiswalker is an excellent choice.

The kinetic slot has been practically devoid of decent special weapons for the kinetic slot. This makes it quite difficult to pair a strong energy primary with an equally strong kinetic special.

In terms of kinetic, non-slug shotguns, your only widely available options are Toil and Trouble and Bastion.

There’s also Astral Horizon, but Trials weapons are out of reach for the average player. It’s also heavily dependent on it being one of the rewards for Trials and being one of the earlier rewards so you have a shot at getting it. Recovs and cheaters make getting gear from Trials a roll of the dice.

Regardless, Riiswalker is a solid shotgun for players that run an energy primary. The Riiswalker god roll is Rifled Barrel, Accurized Rounds, Quickdraw / Slideshot, and Iron Reach / Swashbucker / Vorpal with a range masterwork. Any combination thereof and you’ve got yourself a great shotgun.

archon's thunder iron banner machine gun

Archon’s Thunder

Archon’s Thunder is a 360 RPM solar machine gun. This is 1 of 2 solar machine guns that are currently attainable in-game which should make it jump to the top of your wish list. This slow-firing machine gun should remind Guardians of the Seventh Seraph SAW that was introduced in Season of the Worthy.

This thing hits like a truck and should be an add clearing monster with the right roll. The Archon’s Thunder god roll you should be chasing is Chambered Compensator, Accurized Rounds, Rangefinder, and Rampage with a range masterwork. Don’t forget to apply the Rampage weapon mod to extend the duration of your rampage stacks so your shots do more damage for longer.


While none of these new Iron Banner weapons are going to be best in slot choices, they are great substitutes if don’t already have something better. Be sure to complete the Iron-Handed Diplomacy quest from Lord Saladin to get your hands on these new weapons.

New Iron Banner Weapons

  • Finite Impactor: 140 RPM arc energy hand cannon. Most similar to Waking Vigil.
  • Occluded Finality: 72 RPM arc energy sniper rifle. Most similar to Frozen Orbit / Bite of the Fox.
  • Riiswalker: 80 RPM lightweight kinetic shotgun. Most similar to Parcel of Stardust.
  • Archon’s Thunder: 360 RPM high-impact frame solar machine gun. Most similar to Seventh Seraph SAW.
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