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Nightfall Weapon Rotation Schedule: When Each Weapon Will Drop in Nightfall Strikes

Find out what this week's Nightfall weapon is and the best way to farm for its god roll!

Last Updated on May 30, 2022

Without question, one of the best parts of Destiny 2 is its weapons and farming god rolls. And some of the best weapons in the game right now can be found inside the Nightfall Strike playlist. But picking up a Nightfall weapon isn’t as easy as it sounds.

In this guide, we’ll cover what weapons drop from Nightfall strikes, the best way to farm them, and when you can expect them to be in the rotation.

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What Weapons Drop From Nightfall Strikes

Strike-specific loot was a huge part of Destiny 1 and it was such a fan favorite that Guardians have been asking for it to make a comeback in Destiny 2. Bungie released the first batch of new weapons during Season of the Chosen (Season 13) and has added a new batch with each of the following seasons. Below are the Nightfall weapons that are currently in-game.

Primary Weapons

  • Hung Jury SR4: Kinetic Precision Frame (180rpm) Scout Rifle
  • Palindrome: Void Adaptive Frame (140rpm) Hand Cannon
  • Shadow Price: Arc Precision Frame (450rpm) Auto Rifle
  • Duty Bound: Kinetic Adaptive Frame (600rpm) Auto Rifle

Special Weapons

  • Uzume RR4: Solar Adaptive Frame (90rpm) Sniper Rifle
  • The Comedian: Void Aggressive Frame (80rpm) Shotgun
  • Plug One.1: Arc Precision Frame (740ms) Fusion Rifle
  • Silicon Neuroma: Kinetic Aggressive Frame (72rpm) Sniper Rifle

Heavy Weapons

  • Hothead: Arc Adaptive Frame (20rpm) Rocket Launcher
  • The Swarm: Arc High-Impact Frame (360rpm) Machine Gun

Best Way to Farm Nightfall Weapons

As the name implies, Nightfall Weapons only drop from Nightfall strikes so it’s pretty straightforward on how to get them. However, these weapons all drop with random rolls so this isn’t a one-and-done situation. You’ll need to run the activity multiple times to get them to drop and then you’ll need to run them a bit more to get the roll you want.

Knowing the drop rate of an item is always important information for players to have before they start the grind. Bungie doesn’t come outright and say what the drop rates are for the Nightfall weapons, but they do give you general approximations.

nightfall difficulty season 17

Drop Rates for Nightfall Weapons

  • Adept: 1490 Light – Rare drop rate
  • Hero: 1530 Light – Uncommon drop rate
  • Legend: 1560 Light – Common drop rate
  • Master: 1590 Light – Common drop rate
  • Grandmaster: 1610 Light – Common+ drop rate

So, you’ll have a better chance at getting a Nightfall weapon to drop if you run the strike at higher difficulties.

However, the fastest way for you to farm Nightfall weapons would be to run Legend Nightfall Strikes. You might think that it’d be better to run Masters or Grandmasters, but the jump in difficulty makes the strikes take significantly longer just from how much health everything has and that you’re more likely to wipe because of the difficulty too.

When you’re farming a specific activity, it’s a numbers game. The more times you complete an activity, the more opportunities you’ll have at loot.

So, the focus is to find the sweet spot between the higher drop rates at higher difficulties with how fast you can complete the strike. Taking 45+ mins or more to complete a Master or GM is a waste of time if you can complete 3 – 4 runs in the same amount of time at Legend instead.

vanguard prosperity ghost shell mod

Also, don’t forget to equip the Vanguard Prosperity mod on your Ghost to get a chance at getting an extra piece of Legendary gear to drop when you complete a Strike. While it isn’t guaranteed, it makes a big difference in the long run and you’re going to need every bit of help you can get.

nightfall strike weapon rotation schedule

Nightfall Weapon Rotation Schedule

Nightfall weapons are on something of an odd schedule right now since Bungie has phased out some of the weapons from the previous season as they add new weapons into the mix. We’ll keep our list updated as we get more info and can accurately predict what the future Nightfalls, and their respective weapon drops, will be.

The upcoming Nightfall Weapon rotation is below:

4/5/22The Scarlet KeepPalindromePlug One.1
4/12/22The Arms DealerDuty BoundN/A
4/19/22The GlasswaySilicon NeuromaN/A
4/26/22The LightbladeThe ComedianN/A
5/3/22Fallen S.A.B.E.R.The HotheadN/A
5/10/22Birthplace of the VileDuty BoundN/A
5/17/22The Scarlet KeepPalindromePlug One.1
5/24/22Proving GroundsSilicon NeuromaN/A

You’ll notice that the weapons are paired together in a way that there’s one newer and one older weapon that can drop each week.

Guardians can expect this rotation to repeat in a similar order moving forward. We’ll keep this list updated so you can always check in to see where the game is at in the Nightfall weapon rotation and what’s coming up next week.

Also, remember that the Strike-specific loot that dropped before Season 13 is not included on this list. This includes things like Horror’s Least, The Long Goodbye, and The Militia’s Birthright. These drops were sunset and will not take place of the new weapons for your end-of-activity rewards.

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