upgrade solstice of heroes armor sets

How to Get and Upgrade the Solstice of Heroes Armor Sets

Learn how to earn and completely upgrade this year's Solstice of Heroes armor sets with this complete guide.

Solstice of Heroes is back and there’s a slew of new rewards for Guardians to chase after. However, the main draw of this event always has been and always will be the Solstice of Heroes armor. This year is no different with a completely new set of armor (and glows!) that are some of the better looking armor sets in the game.

Pick up the Quest Chain

There are two main quests that you need to look out for during Solstice of Heroes, The Solstice Begins and Nadir to Apex. To get things started, you’ll be prompted to go to the tower when you log in to talk to Eva Levante and pick up the mission The Solstice Begins. Completing this quick quest chain will give you the full Renewed Solstice Armor set and transition you straight into Nadir to Apex, which will take you through the remaining armor sets.

  • Go talk to Eva Levante & pick up The Solstice Begins
  • Complete 1x EAZ run
  • Go back to Eva Levante to complete this step
  • Meditate at the statue
  • Go back to Eva Levante to pick up Compass Rose & Nadir to Apex

Requirements to Upgrade the Solstice of Heroes Armor

There are 3 tiers of Solstice Armor (Renewed, Majestic, & Magnificient) and each set has a unique set of objectives that have to be completed before moving on to the next tier. When you’ve completed that tier’s objectives, be sure to equip the entire set on your character. You won’t get the next step of the quest unless you do.

Solstice Armor (Renewed)

  • Helm:
    • Complete 1x EAZ run
    • Collect 200x Void, Solar, Stasis, or Arc orbs
    • Get 20x defeats with your finisher
  • Gauntlets:
    • Complete 1x playlist activity
    • Open 10x Solstice Packages
    • Defeat 200x Hive / Cabal / Fall for Titan / Warlocks / Hunters respectively
  • Chest:
    • Complete 2x Public Events
    • Collect 50x Arc / Void / Solar or Stasis orbs in playlist activities for Titans / Warlocks / Hunters respectively
    • Defeat 30x opposing Guardians in the Crucible
  • Legs:
    • Complete 1x Patrol
    • Collect 50x Orbs of Power
    • Get 50x defeats with Super abilities
  • Mark:
    • Complete 3x Lost Sectors
    • Collect 200 Solar / Arc / Void orbs in free roam for Titans / Warlocks / Hunters respectively
    • Get 100 defeats with precision shots

Sunstead Armor (Majestic)

Once you’ve completed the Nadir to Apex quest chain, your Renewed Solstice armor will be automatically upgraded to the epic version. This new set comes with its own set of upgrade requirements which can be seen below.

  • Helm:
    • Defeat 5x EAZ minibosses in a single run
    • Collect 500x Void, Solar, Stasis, or Arc orbs
    • Rapidly defeat 100x enemy combatants
  • Gauntlets:
    • Complete Altar of Sorrow or Override activities
    • Gain 20x Empowerment buffs
    • Defeat 200x enemy combatants with solar / arc / void weapons for Titans / Warlocks / Hunters respectively
  • Chest:
    • Complete Bling Well or Wrathborn Hunt activities
    • Collect 50x Key Fragments
    • Defeat 100x enemy combatants with Arc / Void / Solar grenades for Titans / Warlocks / Hunters respectively
  • Legs:
    • Complete Europa events or Battleground activities
    • Collect 100x Void / Solar / Arc or Stasis orbs in Playlists for Titans / Warlocks / Hunters respectively
    • Defeat 50x enemy combatants with melee attacks while using a Void / Solar / Arc subclass for Titans / Warlocks / Hunters respectively
  • Mark:
    • Complete 3x Competitive PvP or Nightfall activities
    • Collect 50x Arc / Void / Solar orbs in the EAZ for Titans / Warlocks / Hunters respectively
    • Defeat 50x power Hive / Fallen / Cabal combatants for Titans / Warlocks / Hunters respectively

You can complete most of these challenges on the Moon at the Altar of Sorrows or the Blind Well in the Dreaming City with the constant waves of enemies.

Sunstead Armor (Magnificent)

  • Helm:
    • Complete a Master or Grandmaster Nightfall strike
  • Gauntlets:
    • Complete a Raid
  • Chest:
    • Complete a Dungeon
  • Legs:
    • Defeat 15x Champions or Competitive Guardians (Trials or Comp Modes)
  • Mark:
    • Complete 3x Legendary or Master Lost Sectors
solstice armor white glow

Once you’ve completed the objectives for the Magnificent armor set, your Solstice Armor will have a white glow by default now. AND it’s completed on all of your characters, not just the one. If you don’t want to have this glow, do not complete these objectives during the Solstice of Heroes.

solstice of heroes armor glows

You can change the color of your glow by equipping the universal ornament that matches the glow to your selected subclass. However, you can only get these glows by purchasing them from the Eververse.

These will run you either 6,000 Bright Dust or 1,500 Silver. One thing to remember is that these glows are character-specific. Meaning that you’ll only have them on the character you buy them for. If you want to get them on all 3 characters, you’ll have to spend 18,000 Bright Dust or 4,500 Silver.

solstice of heroes armor accelerators
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