twab highlights April 29, 2021

TWAB Highlights 4/29/2021

Another TWAB, another round of highlights. Check out all of the important things mentioned in this weeek's TWAB.

The TWAB is out and here are the highlights!

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Vault of Glass is Back!

  • Vault of Glass is coming back and will be live on 5/22/21.
  • Contest Mode will be active for World’s First race.
  • To win World’s First, you’ll have to complete a specific Triumph or you’ll be wiped by failing the success condition.
  • The prize will be a silver belt since VoG was in Destiny 1.

Weapons are getting buffed

  • 450prm Auto Rifles: Damage per bullet is going from 17 to 18 damage.
  • Linear Fusion Rifles: +15% precision damage and +20% reserve ammo.
  • Fusion Rifles: Increased damage falloff start distance for low range Fusion Rifles.

Weapon perks are changing

  • Subsistence: Will no longer reduce your reserve ammo and the ammo per takedown for SMGs will now equal that of Auto Rifles, from 10% to 17%.
  • High-Impact Reserves & Under Pressure: Perk activator is more flexible now & will be active if conditions are met.
  • Unrelenting: Easier to trigger in PvE and heals 20% more. Also immediately triggers on majors.
  • Sympathetic Arsenal: Added intrinsic +20 to reload stat.
  • Dragonfly: Now triggers for precision kills on heavy shanks and servitors and occurs faster. (Assuming that the explosion will be immediate.
  • Hip-Fire Grip: +1° to hip fire angle threshold and +1.2x reticle stickiness. (Hip fire will actually make you more accurate will hip firing.)
  • Iron Grip, Iron Gaze, & Iron Reach: Secondary stat penalty is being reduced from -40 to -30.
  • Osmosis & Elemental Capacitor: Now works with Stasis.
  • No Distractions: Activation time reduced from 1.5s to 1.0s and increases flinch reduction from 30% to 35%.
  • Celerity: Added intrinsic +20 to handling and reload stats.
  • Bottomless Grief: Added intrinsic +30 to weapon magazine.

Weapon Mods

  • Adept Mag & Targeting: Reduced secondary stat penalty from -20 to -15 and Adept Mag now works with Swords.
  • Adept Counterbalance: Increased recoil direction benefits to better differentiate from the regular version of the mod.

Upcoming Changes

  • Shotguns are fully expected to still be dominant despite the changes to Quickdraw.
  • Bungie plans on making more weapons viable on all maps through weapon tuning.
  • They’re also aware about the constraints that their map design creates.
  • They have a nerf for Dead Man’s Tale waiting in the wings to reduce its ability to pressure snipers.
  • Fusions rifles might get buffed again!
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