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Vulpecula God Rolls: New Stasis Hand Cannon

Learn what weapon perk combinations you should be on the lookout for while you're grinding your Vulpecula god rolls!

Vulpecula is one of the new legendary Stasis weapons that was added to Destiny 2 during Season of the Lost. Grinding out a god roll Vulpecula will take this hand cannon to the next level. Be sure to complete the Wayfinder’s Accuracy triumph so you can use the Prismatic Recaster to decrypt an Umbral Engram to either this weapon or the Wolftone Draw bow. You’ll also be able to choose between multiple perks in the final columns too!

Check out our picks and in-depth explanation for this hand cannon’s PvE & PvP god rolls.

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velpecula stasis hand cannon
Pictured above is the new Stasis hand cannon, Vulpecula.

Vulpecula Hand Cannon

If you haven’t already picked one up, Vulpecula is the new stasis legendary hand cannon that was added to the game during Season of the Lost. This already makes it incredibly unique since it’s one of just a handful of weapons that deals Stasis damage.

It’s also a 180rpm precision frame hand cannon which is the rapid firing archetype. One of the unique things about 180’s is that they have incredible in air accuracy compared to the 120’s and 140’s. They’re also more forgiving if you happen to miss a shot which lowers the risk of using one in the Crucible. We also just had a big batch of new weapon perks added to the game with Season of the Lost and Vulpecula is one of them weapons that can roll with them.

vulpecula weapon perks
Full list of weapon perks that Vulpecula can roll with.

So, not only are you getting to use a new weapon, it also deals Stasis damage, it’s part of the highly accurate archetype, and it can roll with some of the new powerful perks.

And if you’re still wary about using a 180rpm hand cannon in the Crucible or PvE, Drewskys has a great video on why 180s are better than you think.

Vulpecula God Roll for PvE

This hand cannon is absolutely jam packed with great weapon perks which gives Guardians a lot of flexibility when it comes to their weapon rolls. However, there is one roll that stands out above the rest.

  • First Column: Smallbore – Dual strength barrel.
  • Second Column: Accurized Rounds – This weapon can fire longer distances.
  • Third Column: Outlaw – Precision kills greatly decrease reload time.
  • Fourth Column: Multikill Clip – Reloading grants increased damage based on the number of rapid kills made beforehand.
    • Honorable Mention: Headstone – Precision kills with this weapon spawn a Stasis crystal at the target’s location.
  • Masterwork: Range – Increase the weapon’s range by +6
  • Weapon Mod: Minor spec – Deals extra damage against rank-and-file enemies.
vulpecula pve god roll weapon statistics
vulpecula pve god roll weapon perks

Range Perks

While having a good range stat isn’t as important in PvE as it is in PvP, you also don’t want to be getting too up close and personal with enemy mobs. That doubly true for the higher difficulty tier content like Grandmaster Nightfalls and Master Raids. You can check out my full explanation on range over stability in the PvP god roll section below.


Outlaw is one of if not the best weapon perk for PvE content. Full stop. Period. End of story. This video is a great demonstration of how powerful it can be. Outside of its incredible functionality, having Outlaw on your primary frees you up from needing to use a weapon reloader mod on your gauntlets. This opens up the possible PvE builds you can run.

Multikill Clip

I’m a sucker for perks that give me a damage buff and multikill clip is one of the best in the game. It can be a little tough to manage the uptime on, but if you can handle it, it’ll turn this hand cannon into an actual cannon.

At full stacks, multikill clip gives a you a 50% damage increase which will make the time-to-kill (TTK) on Vulpecula ridiculously fast.

  • 1 stack: +17% damage buff
  • 2 stacks: +33% damage buff (equal to max Rampage stacks)
  • 3 stacks: +50% damage buff

Maintaining 3 stacks of MKC is pretty easy to do in PvE provided you have a steady flow of trash mobs spawning.


If you’re running Stasis, you’ll want to snag a Vulpecula with Headstone on it. This is one of the new weapon perks that was released with Season of the Lost and it causes Stasis crystals to be dropped on final blows from precision shots. And depending on your Stasis fragments, these crystals can have a ton of utility for you and your fireteam.

They can:

  • Be destroyed to spawn Stasis crystals which reduce the melee cooldown of everyone that picks them up
  • Boost your grenade recharge rate when you destroy them
  • Reduce damage taken by your allies if they are in close proximity to the crystals
  • Grant a 10 second overshield to any ally that picks them up

All of these benefits will be available to you and your fireteam because of a single weapon perk. The sheer amount of utility you get from Headstone is staggering and worth chasing after on your PvE god roll.

However, since the utility is dependent on which Stasis Fragments you have equipped, you and your teammate lose this synergy if you aren’t running Stasis.

Minor Spec

Taking care of red bars thins the battlefield and boosts your fireteam’s survivability. Enemy density has been cranked up in Season of the Lost and that can make some PvE encounters very hectic. Having minor spec on your primary weapon reduces your TTK so you can take out the trash faster.

The combination of these weapon perks makes this hand cannon an all around workhorse. The new weapon perks that were added this season are great, but they’re very situational which isn’t a great thing in PvE. You need a solid, consistent weapon that does exactly what you expect it to every time. This PvE god roll does exactly that.

Vulpecula God Roll for PvP

Hand cannons are always part of the Crucible meta and Vulpecula has the potential to shake it up this season. 180rpm hand cannons are being slept on right now and with the right roll, they can outperform 140s which are the current favorite. The roll below is the one I’m currently chasing after and should be one of the most lethal you can get for this hand cannon.

  • First Column: Smallbore – Dual strength barrel.
  • Second Column: Accurized Rounds – This weapon can fire longer distances.
  • Third Column: Encore – Precision final blows grant a stacking range bonus to this weapon. Non-precision final blows remove range stacks but gran bonus accuracy and stability when all range stacks have been removed.
  • Fourth Column: Adagio – After defeating a target, this weapon fires, charges, or draws more slowly and deals increased damage for a brief time.
  • Masterwork: Range – Increase the weapon’s range by +6
  • Weapon Mod: Adept Range – Increase the weapon’s range by +10
vulpecula pvp god roll weapon statistics
vulpecula pvp god roll weapon perks

Focus on Range perks

The reason why this setup is the god roll for the Vulpecula hand cannon is that it already has a high base stability of 58. Smallbore pushes the stability stat up to 67 which is pretty high given the recoil pattern of this weapon, which is straight back instead of up like 120s and 140s.

You’ll get far more performance out of this hand cannon by boosting your range stat as opposed to more stability on an already very stable weapon.

Now, if you need more stability, by all means, go for it. However, the range stat does more than just let you hit shots from further away.

For hand cannons, it pushes the bloom cone further out which narrows it in Vulpecula’s effective range, making your shots more consistent. Having a higher range stat also allows your weapon to be more effective at longer distances so you can land more shots. Lastly, range affect your weapon’s target acquisition, or the stickiness of your weapon on a target.

Going for stability on Vulpecula will quickly see diminishing returns whereas Range will make it more consistent over longer distances, which is far more impactful.


Encore is one of the new perks added this season that rewards you with stacks of additional range on precision final blows. For non-prevision final blows, it gives a bonus to your stability and accuracy stats by consuming the range stacks.

Most PvP god rolls for weapons include Killing Wind and I totally understand why. It’s a solid workhorse weapon perk that boosts your lethality after defeating a opposing Guardian. However, it’s only valuable while it’s up.

Encore, on the other hand, is valuable while it’s up and while it’s falling off giving up range when it procs and stability when you defeat Guardians with body shots. This boost in stability will reduce what little recoil is left on Vulpecula making it easier to nail your precision shots to proc the range stacks.

If you feel comfortable enough with the range and stability of the weapon, Outlaw is the next best perk in the Third Column. Reloading after a precision kill on a weapon with ~58 base reload speed will give you a full mag in the blink of an eye, getting you right back into the action.


Any time there’s a weapon perk that increases your damage it’s going to be part of the Crucible god roll for that weapon. Adagio is an interesting perk because it boosts your damage when you defeat a target at the expense of your fire rate.

This reminds me a lot of the Dual Speed Receiver perk on Suros Regime which has the same functionality.

Adding damage to a weapon that’s this accurate is really going to speed up your TTK which is what PvP is all about. This perk is definitely going to be a mainstay in the competitive PvP scene for a while.

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