where is lord saladin

Where is Lord Saladin?

Lord Saladin brings Iron Banner to the Tower each month. Learn where he posts up so you can get the most out of this weeklong Crucible event.

Each month, Iron Banner returns to Destiny 2 for another week of 6v6 competitive PvP. With it comes 4 weekly bounties that award Pinnacle gear, the opportunity to get high stat roll gear, and farm weapon rolls by turning in Iron Banner tokens to Lord Saladin. Lord Saladin is the vendor for Iron Banner and he’s the jumping-off point for everything related to Iron Banner including the new quest, Iron-Handed Diplomacy.

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So, if you’re wanting to take part in Iron Banner, you’re going to have to find Lord Saladin. He’s located in the tower and a bit out of eyesight above the Vaults and Lord Shaxx.

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Finding Lord Saladin in Destiny 2

Once you zone into the Tower, head towards the Gunsmith, veer right, and go up the stairs. At the top of the stairs, you’ll see a giant flaming shield with the Iron Lord standing atop the dais. However, Saladin will only be in the tower during the duration of Iron Banner. The moment that the event is over, he’ll no longer be in the Tower so be sure to turn in your bounties and tokens or you’ll have to wait another month for the Iron Lord to return.

Completing the Iron Banner bounties will give you 50x Iron Banner tokens, a good chunk of XP, and a piece of pinnacle gear. The gear will be an Iron Banner weapon or piece of armor from the current loot pool.

lord saladin iron banner tower

You’ll also want to pick up, and complete, whatever quest he is currently offering as this is typically how new items are added to the loot pool. However, this is not currently the case for Riiswalker and Archon’s Thunder though Bungie is aware of the issue. Whether or not it was intended or not has yet to be confirmed. Hopefully, this will get resolved as both of these new Iron Banner weapons have some great rolls that will serve Guardians well in both PvE and PvP.

Now that you know where to find Lord Saladin and what all he offers during Iron Banner, it’s time to pick up those bounties and get your hands on endgame quality gear.

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