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Xur Location and Stock for April 30

Where's Xur? We have his location and what exotics he brought with him for April 30th, 2021.

It’s Friday and that can mean only one thing, Xur is back with a new batch of exotics to buy with Legendary shards. Let’s see where Xur is this week and what he brought with him!

xur hangar location

Xur Location: Tower Hangar

Xur can be found at his usual spot in the Hangar this week. Just pick the Tower from the Director, make your way past the FWC Penthouse and Dead Orbit’s shack, and you’ll see Xur on the platform overlooking the Last City.


Compounding Force: Fires slugs that cause massive damage to elemental shields of enemy combatants.

Arbalest is a kinetic linear fusion rifle that goes in the primary slot and takes special ammo. Needless to say, it’s an interesting weapon with even more interesting lore behind it. You’ll need a skilled hand to use Arbalest properly since it’s an LFR. Missing your shots is costly.

However, where Arbalest really shines is in activities with the Match Game modifier. Think of it as an element agnostic shield breaker. It offers you a greater deal of freedom in choosing your build and weapon loadout. It also hits like a truck and is great for fights with bosses that have a crit spot.

Arbalest is definitely worth your time if you’re willing to put in the work to get used to using LFRs.

xur 2021APR30 graviton forfeit

Graviton Forfeit

Vanishing Shadow: Increases the duration of invisibility effects. Your melee recharges faster while you are invisible.

Graviton Forfeit is a great exotic for Nightstalkers running stealth builds. The place you see these builds the most is in Grandmaster Nightfall speed runs. A team of Nightstalkers will, quite literally, chain stealth their way through the activity and go straight to the boss.

Outside of that, it’s an excellent exotic to increase the survivability for solo players. Going invis is a great way to reset when you’re in trouble or trying to get some distance between you and the mobs.

And this week’s Graviton Forfeit has a high roll focused around Mobility and Recovery, two of the most important stats for Hunters.

If you don’t have Graviton already, pick it up. If you already have it, still go pick it up. You’ll be hard-pressed to get a better roll to drop out in the wild or randomly from Xur’s exotic engram.

xur 2021APR30 mk 44 stand asides

Mk. 44 Stand Asides

Seriously, Watch Out: Grants an overshield when you’re running at full health with Seismic Strike, Hammer Strike, or Shield Bash (shoulder charge) equipped and charged. Hits with these abilities recharge a portion of your melee energy.

While the overshield is nice and the exotic perk returning 50% of your melee energy, the Stand Asides see very little use in activities. There are a few problems with the Stand Asides.

  • It doesn’t work with Shiver Strike, the Stasis charged melee ability.
  • The overshield is not activated unless you have a charged melee ability.
  • The overshield has to charge up when you’re sprinting. It isn’t automatically applied at full strength.
  • Once you stop sprinting, the overshield disappears. It doesn’t slowly discharge or hang around for a couple of seconds. It is simply gone.
  • It doesn’t return additional melee energy for multiple enemies killed with your charged melee ability. It’s a flat 50%.
  • The overshield forces you to run for it to be active. However, running is enough to evade ~90% of enemy fire in normal activities. This could see use in end game activities (GM NFs, Master Lost Sectors, etc.), but running around out of cover is a dangerous liability and there are far better builds and exotics to use in said activities.
  • The only place it kind of has some utility is in the Crucible if you play aggressively, but once again, you have to be running to use the overshield and it disappears if you stop.

Personally, I’ve only worn this exotic armor twice, and once was this morning to remind myself why I haven’t used it. I immediately dismantled it after remembering why.

They are…not great and the roll isn’t great either since Resilience is not a very useful stat in the current sandbox.

xur 2021APR30 astrocyte verse

Astrocyte Verse

Move to Survive: Blink further and more frequently. Weapon readies quickly out of Blink and Radar remains up.

Astrocyte is a pretty good utility exotic for Voidwalker warlocks that like high mobility builds or the power fantasy of a spellcaster blinking around the map.

However, there is a skill curve involved when switching to this playstyle. Blink does take some getting used to and it’s a risky option if you’re doing any activity that has involves platforming or jumping puzzles. It also isn’t uncommon for server lag or invisible geometry to mess up your blink and put you somewhere unexpected.

That being said, Astrocyte Verse is a great exotic for doing bounties, in the Crucible, and for just messing around in strikes.

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