aphros delos quest walkthrough

Aphros Delos Quest Walkthrough

Learn more about Eula's history in our Aphros Delos quest walkthrough!

Genshin Impact’s Story Quests are a great way for you to learn more about what makes your favorite characters tick. Each quest dives into an aspect of a character’s history or motivation while also fleshing out the world of Teyvat a little more. The Aphros Delos quest is no exception.

Aphros Delos Quest Walkthrough

To unlock the Aphros Delos quest, you’ll need to complete your daily commissions and exchange 8 of them for a key. Be sure to use these keys since you can only hold 3 of them at a time! To complete the Aphros Delos quest, we’ve compiled this complete walkthrough. Simply follow the steps and you’ll be able to complete this storyline that details more of Eula’s background, her relationship with her family, and why she’s a Favonius Knight!

Aphros Delos Chapter 1: The Spindrift Shall Never Return to the Sea

  • Talk to Jean in her office. She’ll send you on a mission to find a former aristocrat in the city.
  • You’ll find Schubert Lawrence along, and staring directly at, the Northern Wall of Mondstadt.
schuhbert lawrence genshin impact
  • Return to Jean after being talked down to by Schubert.
  • Once at the Knights Headquarters, you’ll run into Amber who encourages you to keep at it and never give up.
  • Amber happens to have a connection within the Lawrence clan and she’ll point you in her direction.
  • Go to Eula in the Stormbearer Mountains.
eula location stormbearer mountains
  • Take the nearest teleport waypoint and head over to Eula’s location.
  • You’ll have to fight 3x Elite Fatui units (Pyroslinger, Geomancer, and Anemoboxer) which will be reinforced by a 4th (Skirmisher).
  • After dispatching them, Eula will arrive to save the Traveler from a (Pyroslinger).
  • After speaking with Eula, she agrees to teach you how to speak with her family.
  • Return to Mondstadt and go to the plaza in front of the Cathedral.
  • After some confusing examples, Eula will help you with some real-world examples.
  • Speak to Norman at the first waypoint.
  • Eula is thoroughly rebuffed by Norman. Continue on to Leno at the next waypoint.
  • Leno rebuffs Eula as well. Go to Randall at the next waypoint who also doesn’t have the time to deal with the Lawrence clan’s stuffy way of speaking.
  • Now that the examples are over, Eula wants to meet the Traveler in Dragonspine.
eula dragonspine location
  • Meet Eula in Dragonspine.
  • Get to the next checkpoint without taking damage or being launched into the air.
  • Failing this portion will force you to restart back at the beginning with Eula.
  • Don’t worry about fighting the Hilichurls. Just run through as quickly as possible while avoiding the brambles, chests, and floating balloon-like things.
  • Head up the trail where you’ll need to defend a Ley-Line Monolith.
  • You have 3 minutes to fight 3 waves of Hydro / Cryo slimes and Hilichurls.
  • Return to Mondstadt to get a gift for Schubert from The Good Hunter.
  • You’ll meet Amber there and have a meal with her.
  • You find out that Gebratenes Fleisch mit Saurkraut is Schubert’s favorite meal.
  • Pick up the dish from Sara and head over to Springvale to find Schubert at his camp.
lawrence schubert camp location
  • Speak with Schubert and then go to meet his “friends” once you’ve finished talking.
  • You’ll head over to the “Behind Enemy Lines” domain which has a minimum level requirement of 69. Hydro and Cryo characters are suggested for this encounter.
  • Inside, you’ll find that Schubert is meeting with the Fatui as suspected.
  • Keep following Schubert.
  • You’ll find out that the Lawrence Clan are the ones who are responsible for the Fatui being in Mondstadt. He’s been plotting to overthrow the Knights of Favonius and retake Mondstadt for himself.
  • Once the jig is up, you’ll have to fight 2x Elite Fatui enemies (Anemoboxer & Skirmisher)
  • After that, Eula will have apprehended Schubert in the adjoining room.
  • Continue on to the waypoint to recover the poorly drawn map of Mondstadt’s defenses.
  • You can wait for the flamethrowers to spin or deactivate them with a Cryo character’s elemental burst.
  • Defeat the Fatui enemies along the way.
  • Use a Cryo character on the pedestal to activate the elevator.
  • Defeat Sergei and the other Fatui agents that spawn in the final room.
  • Open the chest and leave the domain.

That does it for Aphros Delos Chapter 1. Walkthroughs for new chapters will be detailed below as they’re added to the game. However, for right now, only Chapter 1 is available. We hope to learn more about Eula soon as she’s a complex, layered character that’s directly tied to the well-being of Mondstadt.

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