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Complete Midsummer Island Adventure Guide: Everything You Need to Know About This Event

Version 1.6 is live and so is the Midsummer Island Adventure event. Check out our guide to discover everything you need to know about this event.

Version 1.6 is now live and that means that the Midsummer Island Adventure event is finally here! This new seasonal event will be available for the next 20 days and it is chock full of new activities, character skins, and a ton of rewards that will keep you busy! For those of you that want to get the most out of this event, we’ve put together this guide to make getting what you want that much easier.

midsummer island adventure event

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Midsummer Island Adventure Rewards

There are two different sets of rewards that you can chase during the Midsummer Island Adventure event. Don’t be discouraged by how much each of these rewards costs. The currency is not difficult to get nor is it time-gated. You can farm as much or as little as you want at your own pace. For instance, it took me a couple of hours of playtime to buy up all of the Shiny Flotsam rewards.

shiny flotsam rewards

List of Shiny Flotsam Rewards

  • Crown of Insight: A rare Talent Level-Up material. 500x Shiny Flotsam (1/1)
  • Northlander Billet Trove: Contains Sword, Bow, Claymore, Catalyst, and Polearm billets. However, you can only select one. 500x Shiny Flotsam (1/1)
  • “A Guide in the Summer Woods”: A signpost furnishing. 100x Shiny Flotsam (1/1)
  • “A Messenger in the Summer Woods”: A mailbox furnishing. 100x Shiny Flotsam (1/1)
  • “Pure Gorgeous Summer”: A small fish pond furnishing. 200x Shiny Flotsam (1/1)
  • Philosophies of Freedom: Talent Level-Up Material. 50x Shiny Flotsam (2/2)
  • Philosophies of Resistance: Talent Level-Up Material. 50x Shiny Flotsam (2/2)
  • Philosophies of Ballad: Talent Level-Up Material. 50x Shiny Flotsam (2/2)
  • Philosophies of Prosperity: Talent Level-Up Material. 50x Shiny Flotsam (2/2)
  • Philosophies of Diligence: Talent Level-Up Material. 50x Shiny Flotsam (2/2)
  • Philosophies of Gold: Talent Level-Up Material. 50x Shiny Flotsam (2/2)

How do you get Shiny Flotsam?

These particular rewards can’t be purchased until you complete the first part of the Mysterious Island quest and open up the first challenge, Main Cannon. Make Ready…FIRE! Once that’s unlocked, you’re able to collect Shiny Flotsam by destroying the various floating towers throughout the Golden Apple Archipelago.

Each time you complete one of these encounters, you’ll be awarded 200x Shiny Flotsam.

mini harpatsum rewards

List of Mini Harpastum Rewards

  • Dodoco Tales: Catalyst for ranged magic DPS characters. 800x Mini Harpastum (1/1)
  • “Fragments of Innocence”: Material used to refine the Dodoco Tales catalyst. 500x Mini Harpastum (4/4)
  • “Feather-Light Praise”: Small orange decorative furnishing. 200x Mini Harpastum (1/1)
  • “The Blue Oceans’ Treasure”: Bookshelf furnishing with seashells on the shelves. 200x Mini Harpastum (1/1)
  • “Witch’s Chorus”: Grammophone furnishing. 200x Mini Harpastum (1/1)
  • Chains of the Dandelion Gladiator: Weapon ascension material. 10x Mini Harpastum (6/6)
  • Debris of Decarabian’s City: Weapon ascension material. 10x Mini Harpastum (6/6)
  • Boreal Wolf’s Cracked Tooth: Weapon ascension material. 10x Mini Harpastum (6/6)
  • Lustrous Stone from Guyun: Weapon ascension material. 10x Mini Harpastum (6/6)
  • Mist veiled Mercury Elixer: Weapon ascension material. 10x Mini Harpastum (6/6)
  • Piece of Aerosiderite: Weapon ascension material. 10x Mini Harpastum (6/6)
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore: Weapon EXP material. 5x Mini Harpastum (100/100)
  • 10,000x Mora: Currency. 10x Mini Harpastum (24/24)

How do you get Mini Harpastum?

You can collect Mini Harpastum by clearing monster camps during the Harpastum Bombs Loaded…Blow ‘Em Away! challenge. Clearing a camp will award you with 300x Mini Harpastum which can be redeemed for the rewards above. However, you won’t be able to collect this currency until you complete Part IV – The Final Riddle: The Secret Uncovered.

Midsummer Island Adventure Quest Walkthrough

When you log in, Paimon will prompt you to go talk to Klee at the Favonius Knights headquarters since it’s been some time since you spoke with her. Doing so will kick off the Midsummer Island Adventure quest chain and open up a new part of the world with secrets (and rewards!) waiting to be discovered.

mysterious islands journey into the unknown quest

Part I – Mysterious Islands: Journey into the Unknown

  • Go to the Knights of Favonius Headquarters and talk to Klee.
  • You’ll find out that Klee received a letter from the Dodo-King that she has to go to the Golden Apple archipelago.
  • Klee, Paimon, and the Traveler have never heard of this place so you’ll need to talk to people around Mondstadt.
  • Go to each marked waypoint and talk to the person there.
  • Cyrus, Marjorie, and Huffman have never heard of the archipelago so you’ll need to find someone more knowledgeable.
  • Head over to Lisa in the Library.
  • With her help, you find a map on the back of Klee’s note, but she needs time off to go there.
  • Head over to Jean’s office across thee hall to help Klee get time off.
  • Talk to Jean and Barbara. Jean won’t let Klee go without a plan.
  • Barbara pulls Klee & the Traveler aside and will help convince Jean while the Traveler finds Venti to help put together a plan to get to the archipelago.
  • Wait a day and meet in the Plaza outside of the Cathedral (between 1200 – 1800 hours)
  • You can either do other things while you wait or use the clock in the Paimon menu.
  • Jean has approved Klee’s request for time off, but Barbara and Jean will be accompanying the group to the archipelago.
  • Now it’s time to find Venti. Head over to Windrise.
  • Dvalin will take you to the archipelago.
  • Once you can control your character again, hop off the cliff and glide down to the waypoint.
  • Be sure to activate the Waverider waypoint before hopping into the Waverider.
  • Follow the buoy beacons around to the next island to activate 3 waypoint beacons.
  • Keep an eye on your minimap for these beacons as well as any seashells that pop up. (They’re a part of the Echoing Tales portion of this event.)
  • Once you’ve activated the 3 beacons, you’ll need to return to some high-ground to get the lay of the land.
  • You’ll see that the fog has been lifted and that you now have free reign to explore the archipelago.
mysterious islands high ground location

This also opens up the different challenges for the Island Expedition event with the first being Main Cannon. Make Ready…Fire!

Part II – Summer Vacation: Proceed With Caution

  • Go to the waypoint in the camp.
  • Make sure that Klee, Jean, and Barbara are battle-ready.
  • Talk to Jean.
  • Get in the Waverider.
  • Investigate the 3 mysterious devices and by “investigate” they actually mean “destroy”.
  • Go back to the shore and go through an earthquake that lowers the sea level.
  • Head for the circular platform that spawned in the ocean.
  • You’ll find a machine from Inazuma that’s de-activated and will be down for some time.
  • Go to the next waypoint to find what appears to be 3 gravestones, or markers of some kind, that are somehow related to the dormant machine.
  • You’re now free to explore the islands once more.

Side note: the drop in sea level unearthed a TON of Echoing Conches. Be sure to explore the archipelago in its entirety to collect them all.

Part III – Dodo-King of the Sea: Lying in Wait

  • Rest until early morning (0600-0800).
  • Talk to Barbara.
  • Investigate the white smoke on a nearby island.
  • Meet up with Kaeya and Diluc at the next waypoint.
  • You’ll find out that Razor and Albedo are on the island as well.
  • Locate albedo on the islands northwest of your position.
  • You’ll find out that everyone was lured here under different pretenses.
  • Head to the central platform with the mysterious robot from Inazuma.
  • Defeat the machine.
  • Listen to the conversation afterwards.
  • Follow the waypoint to the Southwest Isle where the Dodo-King is supposedly waiting for you.
  • You’ll find a giant hydro shield that’s being powered somehow.
  • Find the power source on the eastern side of the island.
  • Go to the southwest part of the island and place the 3 crystals from the robot into the sea.

Completing Part 3 of the Midsummer Island Adventure will unlock the Maguu Kenki Challenge Samurai Sighted…to Arms! and its associated rewards.

Part IV – The Final Riddle: The Secret Uncovered

  • Go back to the giant conch on the southwestern isle w/ the giant hydro shield between 0600 – 0800 in the morning
  • Catch 3 fish to collect their scales
  • return to the hydro shield’s power source on the eastern side of the island
  • place the scales on their respective gems
  • go into the shield
  • you’ll find out that the Dodo-King is actually Klee’s mother Alice.
  • the whole Midsummer Island Adventure was orchestrated by Alice to give her daughter a memorable summer vacation

Once Part IV is completed, this will open up the Harpastum Bombs Loaded…Blow ’em Away Challenge where you go around the Golden Archipelago clearing out monster camps with crafted bombs.

Main Cannon. Make Ready…FIRE! Challenge

This particular challenge is centered around the Waverider so make sure you get familiar with its abilities since you’re going to need them. There are floating towers scattered throughout the Golden Apple Archipelago being manned by Hilichurls and it’s your job to clear them out and keep the waters safe.

Check your map and go from platform to platform defeating the enemies there.

Tips for this Challenge

  • Steer clear of the whirlpools. They’ll restrict your movement speed and drain your stamina.
  • Use your heavy cannon liberally. It does a ton of damage to structures and the cooldown can be negated by picking up the Pithy Pearls.
  • Focus on destroying platforms first. Once these are destroyed, you can hop out of the Waverider and defeat the remaining enemies.
  • Keep moving. You’ll be kicked out of your Waverider if it’s destroyed.
  • Be mindful of the archers. Some of the archers use the spread arrow and that can do a ton of damage at close range.

Challenge Rewards

There are a variety of challenges that you can complete on Day 1 of the event. Each of these challenges has its own requirements and rewards.

main cannon make ready fire rewards
  • Collect 200 Shiny Flotsam: 30x Primogems, 20,000 Mora, and Waverider Repair Toolbox.
  • Defeat 30 enemies while boarding a Floating Tower: 2x Hero’s Wit & 20,000 Mora.
  • Collect 1,000 Shiny Flotsam: 30x Primogems & 20,000 Mora
  • Defeat 60 enemies while boarding a Floating Tower: 2x Hero’s Wit & 20,000 Mora.
  • Use the Waverider’s Heavy Cannon or explosive barrels to destroy 5 Violent Wind Barriers: 2x Hero’s Wit & 20,000 Mora.

Whirlpool Off to Starboard…Full Speed Ahead! Challenge

You’ll gain access to the next challenge after completing Part II – Summer Vacation: Proceed with Caution. Where the last challenge pitted you against enemies on the high seas, Whirlpool Off to Starboard is a straight time trial. Your goal is to complete this challenge as quickly as possible, but don’t get tunnel vision. There are a few secrets to this challenge you need to know.

How to complete this challenge

  • Hop in your Waverider and make a course for the Challenge waypoint on your map.
whirlpool off to starboard challenge location
  • Go up to the red time trial buoy.
  • Pay attention to which way the wind is blowing. It’ll tell you exactly which way you need to go.
waverider wind direction
  • Start the challenge.
  • Follow the wind and the trail of gold wisps.
  • Collect all the wisps, coins, and make it to the end of the challenge as quickly as possible.
  • You need to earn 10,000+ points for a bronze medal, 20,000+ points for silver, and 30,000+ points for gold.

You can run this challenge as many times as you need to get that gold medal. And if you’re struggling to max out your score, we’ve compiled a shortlist of tips to help you bring home the gold!

Tips for this Challenge

  • Be quick about it. Time does affect your final score.
  • Be sure to collect the gold wisps on the trail.
  • Destroy the floating platforms to spawn all of the hidden coins.
  • Go through the floating rings to get a massive speed boost.
  • Avoid the explosive barrels (or destroy them. Dealer’s choice.)
  • Collect all 13 coins to max out your score.

Challenge Rewards

This set of rewards is a bit different than other challenges. Once Whirlpool Off to Starboard is available, you’ll have access to a single set of 3 rewards each day with the next set unlocking the next day. So, you’ll only need to complete this challenge once per day for 6 days to claim all of its rewards.

Skipper’s Savvy – Day 1

  • Bronze insignia reward: 30x primogems & 30,000 Mora
  • Silver insignia reward: 30,000 Mora & 2x Guide to Freedom
  • Gold insignia reward: 30,000 Mora & 3x Hero’s Wit

Fishy Sea Breeze – Day 2

  • Bronze insignia reward: 30x primogems & 30,000 Mora
  • Silver insignia reward: 30,000 Mora & 2x Guide to Resistance
  • Gold insignia reward: 30,000 Mora & 3x Hero’s Wit

Whirling Voyage – Day 3

  • Bronze insignia reward: 30x primogems & 30,000 Mora
  • Silver insignia reward: 30,000 Mora & 2x Guide to Ballad
  • Gold insignia reward: 30,000 Mora & 3x Hero’s Wit

Racing Rhythm – Day 4

  • Bronze insignia reward: 30x primogems & 30,000 Mora
  • Silver insignia reward: 30,000 Mora & 2x Guide to Prosperity
  • Gold insignia reward: 30,000 Mora & 3x Hero’s Wit

Wave Breaker – Day 5

  • Bronze insignia reward: 30x primogems & 30,000 Mora
  • Silver insignia reward: 30,000 Mora & 2x Guide to Diligence
  • Gold insignia reward: 30,000 Mora & 3x Hero’s Wit

Rough Water Rush – Day 6

  • Bronze insignia reward: 30x primogems & 30,000 Mora
  • Silver insignia reward: 30,000 Mora & 2x Guide to Gold
  • Gold insignia reward: 30,000 Mora & 3x Hero’s Wit

Samurai Sighted…To Arms! Challenge

The third part of the Island Adventure challenges revolve around the mysterious, de-activated Inazuman robot. This encounter is similar to the Hypostases and Regisvines in Teyvat. You can challenge the Kenki whenever it’s spawned, but you’ll need to spend 40x condensed resin to collect the Trounce Blossom.

However, there are rewards that can be earned by completing condition specific challenges. Those challenges, and their respective rewards, are below.

Tips for this Challenge

  • Use melee characters: The Kenki can trigger ranged attacks and nullify a huge chunk of their damage.
  • Use timed dashes on AoE attacks: Some of the Kenki’s AoE attacks have a huge range on them and you’ll have a hard time getting out of the splash area. Dashing just before the attack hits will prevent you from taking any damage so you can maximize your damage uptime.
  • Ignore the phantom: The Kenki creates a shadow, or phantom, multiple times throughout the fight to double up on its attacks. Just dash away from it back to the original Kenki.
samurai sighted to arms rewards

Challenge Rewards

  • Defeat Maguu Kenki 1 time: 30 primogems & 20,000 Mora
  • Defeat Maguu Kenki 2 times: 30 primogems & 20,000 Mora
  • Defeat Maguu Kenki 3 times: 30 primogems & 20,000 Mora
  • Defeat the Maguu Kenki without triggering its parry: 2 Hero’s Wit & 20,000 Mora
  • Defeat the Maguu Kenki without being hit by mask attacks: 2 Hero’s Wit & 20,000 Mora
harpatsum bombs loaded blow em away challenge

Harpastum Bombs Loaded…Blow ‘Em Away! Challenge

The goal of this challenge is to use craftable Harpastum Bombs to clear out monster encampments. That’s it. They’re almost exactly the same as the “defeat all enemies” daily commission. Except on these, you can use special bombs to get the job done.

How to Complete This Challenge

  • Go to the marked waypoint.
  • Make sure you have the right Harpastum Bomb equipped.
  • Defeat the enemies at the waypoint.
  • Rinse, repeat.

Types of Harpastum Bombs

  • Straight shooters: deal pyro damage to a single target.
  • Floaty Splodies: deal Pyro damage to multiple targets.
  • Hot Pods: deal massive pyro damage and are good against Cryo shields.

You can equip your bombs, and switch to other types, from the Gadgets screen in your inventory. An important point to remember is that equipping one of these bombs and having it selected will take the place of your Elemental skill.

Tips for this Challenge

  • Check the mobs before engaging: Some monster camps have Large Cryo Slimes which can be tough to crack if you aren’t using Hot Pod bombs.
  • Make sure your bombs are equipped: There’s nothing more disappointing than thinking you’re about to throw a bomb and you use an elemental skill instead. Don’t be like me.
  • Hold your Elemental button to aim the bomb: Otherwise, you’ll just drop it at your feet on the ground like an ice cream cone at the fair.
  • You don’t have to use bombs at all: The bombs are really just there to get specific rewards within this Challenge.
  • Weaken enemies then use bombs: If you’re looking to get all of the rewards, don’t lead with the bombs. Soften them up with your characters’ standard rotation and then deliver the coup de grace with whatever bomb you need to complete the mini-challenge.
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