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How to Complete the Minacious Isle Seelie Puzzle

Learn how to complete the Minacious Isle Seelie Puzzle during the Midsummer Island Adventure event.

One thing that you may have noticed while playing the Midsummer Island Adventure event is that there aren’t any Seelie spirits around. However, there is a single Seelie on Minacious Isle and you have to complete a short puzzle in order to earn its rewards.


  • Follow the Seelie spirit to the broken gate with the Elemental glyphs.
  • Locate the Elemental pedestals.
  • Activate the Cryo pedestal.
  • Activate the Anemo pedestal.
  • Use the rings (Position 2) to activate the Pyro pedestal (or use Amber’s charged shot).
  • Use the rings (Position 1) to activate the Hydro pedestal (or use Childe’s charged shot).
  • Defeat the Anemo slimes that spawn above the pool.
  • Collect 3x of the Anemo sprites to create an updraft to carry you into the portal.
  • If you can’t get good positioning on your final sprite, just use the Wind Catcher gadget as I did in the video.
  • Follow the Seelie to a breakable mound of stones (and break them).
  • Open the treasure chest that spawns after the Seelie comes to rest on its pedestal.

How to Complete the Minacious Isle Seelie Puzzle

There are 4 elemental pedestals that need to be activated in a specific order. That order is illuminated on the broken gate right where the Seelie spirit stopped. However, you need to remember that this gate is upside down so the order is actually reversed. You’ll need to activate the pedestals in this order; Cryo, Anemo, Pyro, Hydro or the puzzle will reset and you’ll have to do it again.

Now, the Cryo and Anemo pedestals are at ground level, but the Pyro and Hydro ones are quite difficult to reach…and hanging upside down. If you have Amber and Childe, you can just fire a charged shot to activate them and call it a day.

If you don’t, the developers added a quick system to help you complete this puzzle.

minacious isle rings

There are three rings next to the small pool in the center of this area. The two outer rings correspond to the Hydro and Pyro pedestals that need to be activated. The center ring is how you’ll direct the Harpatsum to the pedestal.

If you haven’t thrown a Wind-Blessed Harpatsum before:

  • Go to your gadgets screen.
  • Equip the Wind-Blessed Harpatsum.
  • Get into position where you can see the Anemo ring through the Elemental ring.
  • Press your gadget button (Z by default on PC).
  • Hold your Elemental button (E by default on PC).
  • Aim the reticle where you want it to go.
  • Release your Elemental button.

To make sure your Harpatsum can actually get to where you want it to go, you’ll need to adjust the central Anemo ring to point at the right pedestal. To activate the Pyro pedestal, it needs to be set on Position 2. Once it’s there, aim through the Pyro ring towards the Anemo ring, and throw the Harpatsum.

To activate the Hydro pedestal, set the central Anemo ring to Position 1, aim through the Hydro ring towards the Anemo ring, and throw the Harpatsum.

Now that all 4 pedestals have been activated, 3 Anemo Slimes (2x regular, 1x large) will spawn from a portal above the central pool. Make quick work of these slimes so you can go through the portal.

You’ve probably already noticed the small Anemo sprites in the immediate area. Collect 3x to create an updraft to launch yourself into the portal.

Now, this updraft is one of the smaller ones so make sure that the third sprite you collect is as close to the pool as possible or you’ll fall just short of the portal. If you’re having trouble here, you can also use the Wind Catcher gadget to get a favorable position or just climb the cliff walls around the pool and glide your way in.

This portal will take you back to Teyvat. Follow the Seelie spirit to some breakable boulders which will let the spirit come to rest on its pedestal and give you your reward.

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