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Igneous Hammer God Rolls & How to Get it

Learn what weapon perk combinations you should chase after while grinding Trials of Osiris for your Igneous Hammer god rolls!

Though the 120rpm hand cannon meta is behind us, Igneous Hammer is still one of the top-tier hand cannons in the game and should not be slept on. That goes for both PvP and PvE since there are some especially tasty perk combinations that make this weapon a powerhouse in playlist activities. Learn about how you can get your hands on this weapon and what Igneous Hammer god rolls you need to be chasing.

igneous hammer solar hand cannon

Igneous Hammer Solar Hand Cannon

This hand cannon belongs to the aggressive frame (120rpm) archetype. So for those of you who are unfamiliar, that means it has high impact and range with low stability, handling, reload, and magazine size. They put the cannon in hand cannon. This also means that it is much slower firing than its 140rpm and 180rpm counterparts and because of that, it’s very important that you land your shots.

Missing one or more shots, regardless of whether it’s PvP or PvE, will make your TTK significantly longer. To counteract this, both of our god rolls for Igneous Hammer are built around maximizing the weapon’s accuracy so you can consistently land your shots.

saint-14 inventory igneous hammer

How to get Igneous Hammer

If you haven’t played Trials in a while, Bungie has changed how players are rewarded for their time in this playlist. There are currently three ways for Guardians to snag an Igneous Hammer.

  • Decrypted from Trials Engrams at the Cryptarch
  • End of match reward after winning a match on a Trials card with 7 wins
  • Focusing a Trials Engram at Saint-14

However, for you to add this hand cannon to the loot pool and unlock the ability to focus engrams with Saint-14, you have to decrypt it from a Trials Engram first. So, if you’re fresh to Trials and wondering why you aren’t seeing an Igneous Hammer drop, that’s why.

Play Trials, level up your reputation, get a Trials Engram, take it to Rahool, and pray that he likes you.

Igneous Hammer God Roll for PvE

If you’re an avid hand cannon user, Igneous Hammer has some surprisingly good PvE rolls despite coming from Destiny 2’s endgame PvP activity. The new changes to Trials of Osiris matchmaking have made farming this weapon easier than ever.

  • First Column: Smallbore – Dual strength barrel. Increased range and stability.
  • Second Column: Richochet Rounds – Rounds ricochet off hard surfaces. Increases stability and slightly increases range.
  • Third Column: Rapid Hit – Rapid precision hits temporarily increases stability and reload speed.
    • Honorable Mention: Outlaw -Precision kills greatly decrease reload time.
  • Fourth Column: Rampage – Kills with this weapon temporarily grant increased damage. Stacks 3x times.
  • Masterwork: Range – Increases the range of this weapon and generates orbs on multikills.
  • Weapon Mod: Rampage Spec – Increases the duration of Rampage.
igneous hammer pve god roll weapon stats
igneous hammer pve god roll weapon perks

Rapid Hit vs. Outlaw

The rapid hit perk has great synergy with precision weapons like hand cannons, scout rifles, etc. since you’re already maximizing your damage output by doing precision damage. Each precision shot you land gives you a stack of the buff up to a maximum of 5x stacks. Landing those shots not only does max damage to your target, but it also significantly reduces your weapon’s reload speed thanks to Rapid Hit.

If that weren’t enough, Rapid Hit also improves your weapon’s stability which is something that Igneous Hammer lacks. 120 hand cannons are known for having some pretty significant recoil and Rapid Hit helps tame it, making it easier to land those consecutive precision shots to buff your reload speed.

And the really wonderful thing about Rapid Hit when compared to other reload perks is that you can always benefit from it. You don’t have to secure the final blow as you do with Outlaw.

Don’t get me wrong, Outlaw is a phenomenal perk and one of my favorite ones in Destiny. However, rapid hit just has better synergy and functionality with a weapon like Igneous Hammer.

Rampage + Rampage Spec

Rampage is the only choice for your 4th column weapon perk. Bungie tried to phase it out of the game and replace it with other weapon perks, but it’s still the King.

Each final blow you deal with your weapon will give you one stack of Rampage up to a maximum of 3x for 3.5 seconds and you’ll deal +33% damage for its duration. Slotting a Rampage Spec mod into your weapon will add an extra second to the buff’s duration for a maximum of 4.5 seconds.

Rampage on a 120rpm hand cannon is phenomenal and Igneous Hammer is one of the few non-Sunset 120s that can roll with it. With max stacks, you’ll be one tapping most non-major / ultra enemies and taking large chunks of health off of those big boys.

Igneous Hammer God Roll for PvP

While 120s aren’t the S-tier weapon that they used to be, they’re still solid weapons that put in work in both the Crucible and in Trials of Osiris. Getting this PvP god roll will make you a force to be reckoned with.

  • First Column: Smallbore – Dual strength barrel. Increased range and stability.
  • Second Column: Richochet Rounds – Rounds ricochet off hard surfaces. Increases stability and slightly increases range.
  • Third Column: Rapid Hit – Rapid precision hits temporarily increases stability and reload speed.
  • Fourth Column: Opening Shot – Improved accuracy and range on the opening shot of attack.
  • Masterwork: Range – Increases the range of this weapon.
  • Weapon Mod: Adept Icarus – Improves accuracy while airborne. Slightly increases weapon range.
igneous hammer god roll for pvp weapon stats
igneous hammer god roll for pvp weapon perks

Rapid Hit

The Rapid Hit perk is perhaps more important in PvP than it is in PvE. Long reload times can mean the difference between life and death in the Crucible. Landing your precision shots to proc Rapid Hit will shave off valuable microseconds from your reload time so you can get back into the action or secure the kill.

More importantly, a weapon like Igneous Hammer lends itself well to team fighting. Where you just focus on putting damage on your opponents as opposed to getting the final blow. Having a perk like Rapid Hit will still give you the reload buff you need whether your shot is the first or the last.

Opening Shot

Slow-firing weapons benefit immensely from Opening Shot. Like I mentioned earlier, missing a shot with Igneous Hammer will make your TTK skyrocket and that’s a death sentence in PvP. Opening Shot makes that first round just a little bit stickier and a little bit more accurate just so if you weren’t right on target, you’ll still land the opener. This puts you at a huge advantage since Igneous Hammer only needs 2 precision shots and 1 body shot to defeat most opponents.

Adept Icarus

Verticality is a critically underused tool in most Guardians’ toolkits while playing PvP. So many players run horizontally from point to point around the map and engage other players on the same plane. This sort of behavior is incredibly predictable to veteran players. They should be attacking from angles that their opponents don’t expect.

Putting an Adept Icarus mod on your Igneous Hammer can make it incredibly, and infuriatingly, accurate while you’re airborne. This lets you get very creative in how you assault capture points, press the advantage, or how you strategically retreat from 1v2’s or 1v3’s while still being able to put pressure on your opponents.

And if you don’t have access to adept weapon mods, a regular Icarus mod will work just fine.

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