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Farming Khorium Ore

You can make HOW MUCH gold per hour farming Khorium Ore? Find the best zones and routes to pad your wallet by farming this rare legacy ore.

If you didn’t play back during Burning Crusade or Burning Crusade Classic, Khorium Ore is one of the rarer ores that players can farm throughout Outland. Even 16 years after Burning Crusade launched, this ore is still in high demand on the AH and its rarity has made it one of if not the most valuable ore in the game since it’s currently selling for 538g per ore. Not per stack, per ore.

Farming this ore can easily make 10,000g, 20,000g, or even 30,000g per hour farming this ore and selling the Adamantite, Fel Iron, and Eternium ores you collect along the way as well. If you’re looking for a low-effort, high-return gold farm, Khorium Ore is a great place for you to start.

Where to Farm Khorium Ore

Khorium ore can spawn anywhere Adamantite ore spawns. When you see an Adamantite vein pop up on your minimap, that’s a potential Khorium ore spawn point. Be sure to mine those veins when you see them since it’s very possible that it could be a Khorium vein the next time a node spawns.

So, if you’re ever asking yourself, “Where does Khorium Ore spawn?” remember that you can find them in any zone that has Adamantite ore in it.

  • Nagrand
  • Shadowmoon Valley
  • Netherstorm
  • Blade’s Edge Mountains

To help maximize your gold farming time, I’ve ordered the zones from best to worst places to farm for Khorium Ore, starting with the best, Nagrand.

Farming Khorium Ore in Nagrand

Nagrand is by far the best zone for farming Khorium ore. It’s a relatively compact zone, the nodes aren’t too far apart, and there are a good number of caves that usually have two active ore veins ready to be tapped. The real reason why it’s a great place to farm Khorium is that there are very few fel iron veins in Nagrand so you’ll primarily see Adamantite veins, which means you’re more likely to see Khorium since they share spawn points with Adamantite ore.

An added bonus to that is you’re likely to a good amount of Eternium Ore from the Adamantite nodes as well and those sell for roughly 100g per on the Auction House. This is an excellent supplement to your gold per hour if you hit a dry streak and don’t find any Khorium veins for a while.

khorium ore farm - nagrand map

Farming Khorium Ore in Shadowmoon Valley

You’re going to see fewer Khorium nodes as we go down the list of zones and Shadowmoon is no exception. There are fewer Khorium veins here, but there are higher concentrations of Adamantite nodes in Legion Hold, The Death Forge, Netherwing Ledge, and to the East of Coilskar Point.

Following the route in the image below will guide you to each of those hot zones and maximize your farming time. Be sure to pay close attention while you’re out at Netherwing Ledge since it’s a deceptively large area with a lot of obstructions.

khorium farm - shadowmoon valley map

Farming Khorium Ore in Netherstorm

You aren’t going to spend a ton of time in Netherstorm if you’re farming Khorium ore. The zone is deceptively large and it is, for the most part, rather barren when it comes to ore veins. However, there are a few hotspots you can swing by when you’re on your way to Tempest Keep to farm Ashes of A’lar for the 7,894,187th time. (I’m not bitter. You’re bitter!)

The three places you want to stop by are Manaforge Ara, Sorcrethar’s Seat, and Manaforge Ultris. For the manaforges, each has an entrance to a mine beneath them that regularly spawns Adamantite and Khorium veins. Doing a quick flyby (on your way to TK) will tell you whether or not it’s worth going inside.

khorium farm - netherstorm map

Farming Khorium Ore in Blade’s Edge Mountains

Blade’s Edge, as a zone, is not a great place to farm for much of anything. It’s very spread out, the ore veins are few and far between, and there’s a ton of verticality which makes it an incredibly tedious zone to farm for ore.

However, there is a cave in the NW part of the zone, between Rave’s Wood and Forge Camp Wrath, that has 6 Adamantite veins. And since every Adamantite node is a potential Khorium vein, they’ll eventually spawn as Khorium if you keep tapping those nodes. If you’re looking for a low-effort place to farm Khorium ore, this cave is perfect for you.

There’s also a second cave in the SE portion of the map, just West of Vekhaar Strand, that has a high concentration of Adamantite nodes that can also spawn Khorium ore veins.

khorium farm - blade's edge mountains map

How much gold can you make per hour farming Khorium Ore?

I’ll be completely honest with you, farming Khorium ore is a feast or famine situation, and the reason why I say that is because Khorium ore is rare. Like, really rare. But, that’s also why it sells for so much on the auction house. As of today (10/28/23), it’s selling for 538 gold per ore (on NA retail servers) which makes it one of the most valuable materials you can farm to earn gold.

I’m not saying that to discourage you from farming it but to set the record straight so you don’t expect Khorium to be everywhere when you get to Outland. In my experience, you’ll typically see between 1-3 Khorium nodes per hour and if you’re really lucky, you might be able to see 3-5 nodes per hour.

While this doesn’t sound like much, keep in mind that you’ll get between 1-8 Khorium ore per node which can net you up to 4,000 gold per node. Though you’ll typically see 2-4 ore per node

khorium ore drop rate

That said, it’s still quite profitable and worth your time to farm Khorium ore. While I was writing this guide, I spent an hour in Nagrand farming ore nodes and my haul is below.

  • Khorium Ore: 20 @ 538g per = 10,760g
  • Adamantite Ore: 314 @ 4g 86s per = 1,526g 04s
  • Eternium Ore: 50 @ 96g 99s per = 4,849g 50s
  • Fel Iron Ore: 63 @ 25g 11s per = 1,581g 93s
  • Mote of Fire: 38 @ 31g 33s = 1,190g 54s
  • Mote of Earth: 209 @ 1g 15s = 240g 35s
  • Talasite: 1 @ 72g 10s = 72g 10s

So, if you have the same luck that I did, it’s likely that you’ll earn roughly 20,000 gold per hour farming Khorium Ore in Nagrand.

khorium ore farming session haul

Khorium Ore Farming FAQs

  1. How often does Khorium ore spawn? Rarely. I normally see between 1-3 ore veins per hour in Nagrand, but six Khorium veins spawned while I was collecting data for this guide. It’s definitely variable so your mileage may vary.
  2. How many ore drops per vein? Wowhead shows that you can see between 1-8 Khorium ore per node. However, the most I’ve ever seen was 5 ore from a single node.
  3. How much does Khorium ore sell for? On my auction house cluster, Khorium ore is currently selling for 538g per ore. The price on your AH cluster depends on what battlegroup you’re in and if you’re on an NA or EU server.
  4. What’s the best zone to farm Khorium Ore? Nagrand, hands down. You’ll typically find 1-6 Khorium veins per hour that give 2-6 ore per node. That equates to roughly 1,000g – 19,000g per hour depending on how lucky you are, and that’s just from the Khorium. That isn’t counting the Adamantite ore, Fel Iron ore, Eternium ore, herbs, etc.

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