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Expunge Styx Guide

Expunge Styx is one of the new variants added in Season of the Splicer. Check out our guide to help you complete this activity before the season is over.

Expunge is a new seasonal activity that was introduced in Season of the Splicer. Path of the Splicer IV tasks you with going into Expunge Styx on the Moon to progress the story. We put together this guide to show you how to get through this activity without breaking a sweat.

Expunge Styx Guide

The first part of Expunge Stx should be very familiar to you since it’s identical to Expunge Labyrinth. However, we’ll still cover the steps just in case you’ve forgotten. You can also see these steps in the video above.

Stage 1: Jumping Puzzle

  • Run straight ahead, hack open the door, and then dropdown.
  • Use the node if you have the Wirewalker upgrade.
  • Continue on into the next drop-off and then wait for the wall to open.
  • Take this hidden corridor to the next drop-off.
  • Wait for another portion of the wall to open up and follow that down into the triangular hallway.
  • Take the next drop-off into the white room and go to the first alcove on the left wall.
  • Wait for that to open up and head down.
  • Go through the corridor at the end of the hallway and follow it up.
  • Stay to the right and follow that path up and around.
  • Hang a right with that passageway opens up into a large drop-off.
  • Jump across the chasm and aim for the small protrusion on the distant platform.
  • Dodge the plungers, shunts, and moving platforms as you make your way towards the portal.
  • Go through the portal and move onto Phase 2.

Stage 2:

Unlike Labyrinth which was primarily a second jumping puzzle, stage 2 of Expunge Styx has you carrying multiple authentication keys so you can de-activate the boss’s shield. This stage is fairly straightforward. Simply grab the Authentication Key, make your way to the marked waypoint, defeat Vex on your way there, and deposit the Key.

  • Authentication Keys have a 10-second duration. Refresh this duration by standing on top of the floating Vex cubes. If the Key expires, simply return to the last cube and pick up a fresh Authentication Key.
  • Watch out for the floating red cubes. These will spawn a small Vex unit that will trap and immobilize you in a suppression field. The only way out is dropping the Key and damaging it with your weapons. (Grenade Launchers will ricochet and kill you so don’t use them…like I did.)
  • Have a barrier mod equipped. You’ll come across multiple Barrier champions throughout Expunge Styx and if you don’t have the DPS, you’ll have to counter them somehow.

Once you get to the boss area, you’ll need to deposit 3 keys in order to disable the shield and start fighting Dikast, Oppressive Mind.

Stage 3: Dikast, Oppressive Mind

  • Once you’ve lifted the shield, you can DPS right away.
  • Dump as much damage as you can on Dikast before adds start spawning in. There’s not a lot of cover and there will be a lot of them.
  • Take care of the adds and switch back to the Cyclops.
  • Once Dikast is down to 50%, he’ll go immune and an Oracle will spawn.
  • Destroy the Oracle and an Authentication Key will spawn.
  • Make your way across the room and deposit the Key to deactivate the boss’s shield.
  • You’re now free to DPS the boss or handle the adds however you please.
  • Defeat Dikast.


We hope you found our guide to completing Expunge Styx helpful. The most difficult part of this activity is time management with the Authentication Keys. Everything else is very straight forward and can be solo’d quite easily. Just follow the steps in this guide and you’ll be good to go.

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