how to get the splicer title destiny 2

How to Get the Splicer Title in Destiny 2

Learn more about which triumphs you need to complete during Season of the Splicers to unlock the Splicer Title and Splicer Seal.

Season of the Splicer brings another title for Guardians to chase after. Though there are 60+ triumphs in Season of the Splicer, you’ll only need a 10 to unlock the Splicer title itself. It may be early in the season, but this title is looking like one of the most accessible that Bungie has put in the game. Take a peek to find out which triumphs you’ll need to get your hands on the new Splicer Seal.

splicer title destiny 2

List of Triumphs to get the Splicer Title

  • Walk the True Path: Complete all Path of the Splicer Quests.
  • Power in Your Hands: Unlock all Splicer Gauntlet Upgrades.
  • Nocturne: Collect all pages of the Beneath an Endless Night lore book.
  • Modded Out: Collect all Season of the Splicer mods.
  • Splicers’ Armament: Complete the quest “A Sacred Fusion“.
  • Daybreak: Defeat the source of the Endless Night. (Secret triumph)
  • Short Circuiter: Defeat combatants using Season of the Splicer weapons.
  • Wire Cutter: Defeat Vex while wearing Season of the Splicer armor. Earn bonus progress for each piece of armor equipped.
  • Virtual Fighter: Defeat Champions in Override.
  • Brute Force: Defeat Champions in Expunge. (Secret triumph)


Getting the Splicer title during Season of the Splicers looks to be very accessible. Some triumphs are time-gated while others are a bit grindy, which may pose a problem to Guardians that don’t have a lot of time to play, but they aren’t too terrible or complicated.

Other than that, the only triumph that might be a roadblock to getting Splicer is Brute Force, but that depends on how accessible Expunge is. Even if it’s a bit rough, you may be able to solo farm champions depending on where the Champions spawn in the mode.

Provided that you have the time to log in each week to make progress on these triumphs, getting the Splicer title should be a piece of cake.

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