genshin impact 1.6 banner

Genshin Impact 1.6 Character Wish Event

Version 1.6 is here and that means we have a new Banner. Find out which characters have higher drop rates!

Version 1.6 is out and that means there’s a brand new Character Event Wish banner. Players can buy Wishes with Primogems or Intertwined Fates to get a crack at the featured characters while this Wish Event is active. But which characters are those? Check out this quick 1.6 Character Wish Event guide to find out.

genshin impact 1.6 character wish event

Which characters are the focus of this banner?

The event-exclusive character for the 1.6 Banner is Klee, the explosives expert that’s always getting into trouble with Jean. This is the first time that players can take a crack at getting Klee as she has yet to be available by other means. If you’ve been waiting to unlock Klee, now’s the time to shell out those Primogems. There’s no telling when she’ll be back once this banner is finished.

Outside of Klee, there are still some solid characters to unlock or progress your constellations.

  • Klee: 5-star ranged Pyro DPS character.
  • Fischl: 4-star ranged Electro DPS character.
  • Sucrose: 4-star ranged Anemo support character.
  • Barbara: 4-star ranged Hydro healer. (Though DPS Barbara’s do exist…)

If you aren’t sure if Klee is worth the effort to unlock, don’t forget that you can try her out. Just open the Events screen and go down to the Test Run section. You’ll be able to play through a domain with a high-level version of her to get a feel for her kit and abilities.

klee test run

How long does the 1.6 Character Wish Event last?

The Sparkling Steps banner is only here for a limited time so don’t drag your feet if you’re hoping to unlock one of the featured characters. The event will be over before you know it and you don’t want to miss this one!

  • Start date: 6:00pm CST June 8th, 2021
  • End date: 6:00pm CST June 30th, 2021

Standard Characters on the 1.6 Wish Event

Outside of the characters with enhanced probability, players have a wide range of characters that they can get during this banner.


  • Keqing: 5-star melee Electro DPS character.
  • Mona: 5-star ranged Hydro support character.
  • Qiqi: 5-star melee Cryo support character.
  • Diluc: 5-star melee Pyro DPS character.
  • Jean: 5-star melee Anemo DPS character.


  • Yanfei: 4-star ranged Pyro DPS character.
  • Rosaria: 4-star melee Cryo support character.
  • Xinyan: 4-star melee Pyro support character.
  • Diona: 4-star ranged Cryo DPS character.
  • Chongyun: 4-star melee Cryo support character.
  • Noelle: 4-star melee Geo support character.
  • Bennett: 4-star melee Pyro support character.
  • Nigguang: 4-star ranged Geo support character.
  • Xingqiu: 4-star melee Hydro support character.
  • Beidou: 4-star melee Electro DPS character.
  • Xiangling: 4-star melee Pyro DPS character.
  • Razor: 4-star melee Electro DPS character.
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